Peter Adriaansz

(b. 1966, Seattle, Washington).

Dutch composer, born in the USA, of mostly chamber and vocal works that have been performed throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Adriaansz studied composition with Louis Andriessen, Brian Ferneyhough and Peter-Jan Wagemans at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag and the Rotterdams Conservatorium, where he completed his studies with distinction in 1994.

His music has been performed in Canada, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Russia, the UK, the USA, and Uzbekistan. He has received commissions from numerous ensembles and orchestras, including Asko Schönberg, the Aurelia Saxofoonkwartet, the California EAR Unit, the Crash Ensemble, the Doelenensemble, Ensemble KORE, the Ives Ensemble, the Maarten Altena Ensemble, the Nederlands Radio Symfonie Orkest, the Nieuw Ensemble, and Slagwerk Den Haag.

He is also active in other positions. He has served as artistic director of Slagwerk Den Haag since 1998.


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No. 13, 'Comfort', 2001

No. 27c, 'Structures X–XII' 'Single Lines on Moving and Static Planes', any small orchestra/orchestra (maximum 33 players), live electronics ad libitum, 2005 (its three sections may be performed separately; also version of No. 27c, 'Structure X' as No. 27c, 'S X', 2006; also version of No. 27c, 'Structure XI' as No. 27c, 'S XI', 2006)


No. 1, 'Lines, Dots & Crosses', violin, piano, 1992

No. 9, 'Music of Mercy pt. 3', 4 saxophones, 6 percussion, 1997

No. 11, '3-pt. (untampered) Product', piccolo, trombone, harmonium, 2 percussion, 1998

No. 12, '3-pt.-Melodies, Variations & Objects', piano obbligato, ensemble, 2000

No. 16, 'Composition in 3 Parts', 4 saxophones, 6 percussion, ensemble (piccolo, 3 saxophones, French horn, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, bass guitar, piano), 2002

No. 18, 'Triple Concerto', recorder, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), trombone, electric guitar, violin, double bass, piano, marimba, 2003

No. 19, '6 Parts for 7 (or more) Players', any harmony instrument, percussion, ensemble (flute [+ harp], clarinet, trombone, cello [+ percussion], harpsichord), 2003

No. 20a, '9 through 99', 2 flutes, bass clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, double bass (+ crash cymbal), piano 4 hands, vibraphone, marimba, 2003 (also versions as No. 20b, '9 through 99/2', flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone, 2005; No. 20c, '9 through 99/3', alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone, marimba, 2005)

No. 17, 'Untitled Composition for Trumpet & Organ', trumpet, organ, 2002–04

No. 22, 'Chromatic Fundamentals', violin, piano, 2004

No. 23, 'Serenades II to IV', 3 electric guitars, bass guitar, 2004

No. 24, '7 Dances for Percussion 4-tet', 4 percussion, 2004

No. 25, 'Recessionist March', oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, double bass, 2005

No. 27a, 'Structures I–V' 'Single Lines on Moving Planes', any ensemble (maximum 22 players), live electronics ad libitum, 2005 (its five sections may be performed separately)

No. 27b, 'Structures VI–IX' 'Single Lines on Static Planes', any ensemble (maximum 8 players), live electronics, 2005 (its four sections may be performed separately)

No. 27d, 'Structures XIII–XV' 'Double Lines on Moving and Static Planes', any ensemble (8–13 players), live electronics ad libitum, 2005 (its three sections may be performed separately)

No. 27e, 'Structure XVI', any 2 instruments capable of sustained chords, live electronics ad libitum, 2005 (also version for organ, marimba, live electronics ad libitum, 2005)

No. 28, 'Strands I & II', bass recorder, bass clarinet, trombone, electric guitar, violin, double bass, piano, vibraphone, 2005–06


No. 26, 'Altijd, Al', 8 mixed voices, 2005


No. 4a, 'Chant Descendant' (Chants Monotones pt. 2) (text by Jacques Prévert), soprano, piano, 1994 (also version as No. 4b, soprano, organ, percussion, 1997)

No. 5, 'Chant Négatif' (Chants Monotones pt. 3) (text by Jacques Prévert), soprano, 6 percussion, string orchestra, 1994

No. 3 II, 'Text and Treatment: Music to Unwind', soprano, tenor, piano, 1993–95

No. 6, 'Chant Ascendant' (Chants Monotones pt. 4) (text by Jacques Prévert), 2 sopranos, ensemble, 1995

No. 10, 'Om Jou' (texts by Herman Brusselmans, anonymous sources), soprano, viola, double bass, piano, 2 percussion, 1998–99

No. 15, 'Battle Hymns, for 3 multi-functional musicians', voice (+ percussion), piano (+ voice), percussion (+ voice), 2002

No. 21, 'Zo Stom als een Steen' (incidental song, text by Herman Brusselmans), soprano, piano, 2003


No. 14, 'Pastorales I–IX', 2001

No. 29b, 'Formalist Dance #1', 2 pianos, 2005


No. 2, 'Primal Gestures for Organ', 1993, revised 1995