Josef Bardanashvili

(b. 1948, Batumi).

Georgian composer, now resident in Israel, of stage, orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works that have been performed throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Bardanashvili studied composition with Aleksandre Shaverzashvili at the Conservatory of Music in Tbilisi, where he earned his DMus in 1975.

Among his honours are the title of Honoured Artist of Georgia (1988), the Zakaria Paliashvili Prize (1997), the title Composer of the Year from ACUM (1998), the Margalit Prize (1999, for Dybbuk [incidental music]), the Award of the Israeli Prime Minister (2000), and the Mifal Chaim Prize for Lifetime Achievement from ACUM (2002). His music has been performed in Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Russia, Serbia, the UK, and the USA.

Mr. Bardanashvili is also active in other positions. He served as composer-in-residence to the Rustaveli National Theatre in Tbilisi in 1975–76 and in 1988 and to the Ra'anana Sinfonietta from 1996–99. He served as director of the College of Music in Batumi from 1986–91 and as Deputy Minister of Culture for the Autonomous Republic of Adjara in Georgia in 1993–94. In addition, his paintings have been exhibited in Georgia and Israel.

He taught at Camera Obscura College in 1998–99 and at Tel Aviv University from 1998–2000.

He has lived in Israel since 1995.

In addition to the works listed below, he has composed much music for films and stage productions.


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A Woman's Ballad (ballet in 1 act, scenario by the composer), 1972

Alternative (rock opera in 2 acts, libretto by Robert Sturua, Ruben Bardanashvili, Nugzar Ergemlidze), 1976

Moving Stars (opera in 2 acts, libretto by the composer, Jemal Adjiashvili), 1982

Tutor (rock ballet in 1 act, choreography by Boris Eifman), 1982

Moving Soul (ballet in 2 acts, scenario by the composer, Gogi Alexidze), 1991

Eva (mono-opera, libretto by Alexander Parin), mezzo-soprano, piano, 1998


Concerto, guitar, small orchestra, 1978

Symphony No. 1 (vocalise), voice, orchestra, 1980

Concerto, cello, piano, small orchestra (13 brass, percussion), 1981

SerenadeConcerto, violin, string orchestra, 1985

Ballet Suite No. 1, 1992

Ballet Suite No. 2, 'The Way to...', 1995

Evening Prayers, small orchestra, 1995

Adagio, 1995

Quasi una fantasia, piano, harpsichord (+ celesta), string orchestra, 1996

Elegia (Psalm 21), string orchestra, 1997

Steps, small orchestra (13 players), 1998

Symphonic Poem, klezmer clarinet, orchestra, 1998

Metamorphoses, small orchestra, 1999

Concerto, flute, orchestra, 2000

Farewell Song, violin, small orchestra (12/18 violins), 2000

Symphony No. 2, 'The Way', 2001

The Yellow Blues, small orchestra (12 players), 2001

Dialogue, cello, orchestra, 2002

Concertino, flute, bassoon, small orchestra (12 players), 2003

Postludium, viola, orchestra, 2003


Piano Quintet, piano, string quartet, 1973

PoemDialogue, 4 French horns, guitar, cello, 2 pianos, 1975

Piano Trio No. 1, 'In memory of Bizet', violin, cello, piano, 1976

String Quartet No. 1, 1985

Piano Trio No. 2, 'Romantic', violin, cello, piano, 1988

String Quartet No. 2, 1992

Postlude, flute, clarinet, 1995

Scene, flute (+ piccolo, alto flute), oud (lute from the Middle East)/harpsichord, percussion, 1996

Farewell Song 1997, alto flute, harp, drum kit, string quartet, double bass, 1997

Metamorphoses, violin, piano, 1999

Musical Moment, 2 marimbas, doli (drum from Georgia), string quartet, 1999

Walking on a Rope, 4 cellos, 2001

Images, flute, 2 percussion, 2001


A Path of Silence (song-cycle, text by Gargi Phkhoveli), 6 mixed voices, piano, 1971

Four Miniatures (texts by Solomon ibn Gabirol, Moses ibn Ezra, Samuel ibn Naghrillah), mixed chorus, 1977

Choral Miniatures No. 1 (vocalise), mixed chorus, 1986

Evening Prayers (texts from the Pure Prayer, Laozi), mixed chorus, small orchestra, 1986

Choral Miniatures No. 2 (text by Ehud Halevi), mixed chorus, 1989

Sha'alu Shalom (texts from Psalm 32, Psalm 122, the Sabbath Prayer), mixed chorus, small orchestra, 1996

Psalm 121, male chorus, 1996

Psalm 123, mixed chorus, 1999

Tree Pieces (texts by Nikita Zabolocki, Laozi), mixed chorus, 1986–2001


A Doll's Ballad (song-cycle, texts by Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas, Michelangelo Buonarroti), voice, piano, 1971–72

Scene No. 1 (text by Yehuda Alharizi), voice, 2 violins, 1976

Scene Nos. 23 (text by Immanuel the Roman), voice, harp, guitar, percussion, 1986

Psalm 22, voice, piano, 1996

Children of God (texts from the Talmud, the Qur'an, the New Testament, the Book of Psalms), countertenor, orchestra, 1997

Yearning (texts from the Pure Prayer, blessings, the Book of Ecclesiastes), voice, orchestra, 1999

Time to Love (texts from the Song of Solomon, the Book of Matthew, the Book of Mark, the Book of Luke, the Book of John, Samuel ibn Naghrillah, Nahapet Kuchak), male chorus, 4 French horns ad libitum, string orchestra, 1999

Just come and go! (vocalise), soprano, flute, 3 electric guitars, 2 violins, electric harmonium, percussion, 2001


Sonata No. 1, 1974

Four Miniatures, 1975

Sonata No. 2, 1984

Postlude, 1993

Perpetuum mobile, 4 pianos 16 hands, 2000


Piano Trio No. 1, 'In memory of Bizet'. Georgian Piano Trio (Melodiya: S 1012262) (LP)

PoemDialogue. Sergey Alexandrov, S. Cess, Sergei Dovgalyuk, Anatoly Musarov, French horns; Leonid Karpov, guitar; Oleg Stolpner, cello; Josef Bardanashvili, Oleg Malov, pianos (Melodiya: S 1028441) (LP)

Four Miniatures. Givi Mundjishvili/Georgian Cappella (Melodiya: S 1019853004) (LP)

Sonata No. 2. Raimonda Shenfeld, piano (New Stream, 1997)

Psalm 121. Rubin Choir (Sacro-Art, 1997)

Symphonic Poem. Giora Feidman, klezmer clarinet; Lior Shambadal/Berliner Symphoniker (Koch International Classics, 1999)

String Quartet No. 1; String Quartet No. 2; PoemDialogue. (Gertler Foundation, 1999)

Children of God. David Da'or, countertenor; Yuval Zaliuk/chorus of monks from the Church of Armenia, Ra'anana Sinfonietta (New Stream, 2001)

Quasi una fantasia. Victor Derevianko, piano; Benjamin Yusupov/Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (New Stream, 2001)