Linda Bouchard

(b. 1957, Val-d'Or, Québec).

Canadian composer, now resident in the USA, of mostly stage, orchestral, chamber, and vocal works that have been performed in Europe and North America; she is also active as a conductor.

Ms. Bouchard received her diplôme d'études collégiales in music from Vanier College in Montréal in 1976, her BA in music from Bennington College in Vermont in 1979 and her MMus from the Manhattan School of Music in 1982.

Among her honours are the Joseph S. Stauffer Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts (1997) and the Prix Opus for Compositeur de l'année from the Conseil québécois de la musique in Montréal (1998).

As a conductor, she has directed many ensembles for contemporary music, including the Abandon Ensemble in New York, New York, which she founded in 1988, and served as a guest conductor of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players in 1982, 1998 and 2000. She served as assistant conductor of the Orchestra of St. Luke's at the New York Children's Free Opera in New York, New York from 1985–88. She later served as guest conductor of the Atelier de Musique Contemporaine at the Université de Montréal from 1990–92.

Ms. Bouchard is also active in other positions. She served a term as composer-in-residence to the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa from 1992–95.

She lived in the USA from 1979–90 and has again lived there since 1997.





Glances (dance music), cello, 1980

Triskelion (opera, libretto by Anne Tierney), soprano, tenor, baritone, flute, oboe, trumpet, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano, 3 percussion, 1982

Eternity (ballet music), orchestra, 1996

Musique défiléFashion Show for the End of a Century (theatrical fashion-show, choreography by Richard Armstrong), models, small orchestra (16 players), 1999 (a concert suite was arranged as Fashion Show, 1999)

The House of Words (opera, libretto by the composer, Richard Armstrong, after Eduardo Galeano), 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor, 2 baritones, bass, double bass, piano, percussion, 2003

RingRoundRozi (dance music), fixed media, 2004

The Water Project (dance music), fixed media, 2007

Sonic Forecast, viola, live electronics, film (by Luis Maurette), 2008

Murderous Little World (multimedia opera, libretto by the composer, after Anne Carson, with film by Yan Breuleux), 2010


Fanorev, 1986

Élan, large orchestra, 1990

Ressac, 1991

Frisson, la vie, flute, viola, string orchestra, 1992 (version of chamber work)

Ire, 2 small orchestras, 1992

Exquisite Fires, 1993

Vertige, 1994

Booming Sands (concerto), viola, orchestra, 1998

Fashion Show, small orchestra (16 players), 1999 (concert suite from Musique défiléFashion Show for the End of a Century)

The Open Life, large orchestra, 2000

L'Échappée d'ailes, 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon, 2 French horns, trumpet, gamelan, 2004


Pourtinade, viola, percussion, 1983

Circus Faces, flute, viola, cello, 1983

Propos, trumpet, 1983 (also versions as Propos IV, 4 trumpets, 1984; Propos III, 3 trumpets, 1984; Propos II, 2 trumpets, 1985)

Reveling of Men, 6 trombones, 5 strings (around hall), 1983

Tossing Diamonds, French horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, 1983

Icy Cruise, piccolo trumpet, harp, viola, cello, double bass, 1984

Transi-blanc, flute, trumpet, trombone, viola, piano, percussion, 1987 (also version for flute, trumpet, harp, viola, double bass, percussion, 1987)

Possible Nudity, viola, ensemble (harp, cello, double bass, percussion), 1987 (also version for viola, cello, piano, 1988)

Delicate Contract, flute, trumpet, harp, viola, cello, double bass, percussion, 1988

Muskoday, flute (+ alto flute), harp, viola, cello, double bass, percussion, 1988

Propos nouveaux, trumpet, distant ensemble (viola, cello, double bass), 1988

Tokpela, percussion, 1988

Swift Silver, harpsichord, celesta, harmonium, 1989

Le Scandale, harp, violin, viola, cello, double bass, percussion, 1989

Amuser le temps, flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, double bass, piano, 1989

Lung Ta, string quartet, 1992

Frisson, la vie, flute, viola, string quartet, 1992 (also version for flute, viola, string orchestra)

Réciproque, violin, cello, piano, 1994

Sept Couleurs, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 1994

Compressions, 2 French horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano, percussion, 1996

Traces, string quartet, 1996

Ductwork, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), trumpet (+ piccolo trumpet), violin, double bass, piano, 2 percussion, 1997

Oracles, 3 string quartets (around hall), 1997

Brasier, piccolo, flute, E-flat clarinet, 2 French horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 2 tubas, double bass, piano, 5 percussion, 2001

Neiges, 2 flutes (both + piccolo), harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, 2 percussion, 2002

Liquid States, amplified ensemble (clarinet [+ bass clarinet], violin, cello, piano, percussion), 2004

Spill Out, violin, piano, 2006

4LN, viola, percussion, live electronics, 2008

Joint Venture, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), bass clarinet, French horn, violin, 2 cellos, piano 4 hands, 2 percussion, 2008


Pilgrims' Cantata (text by Maurice Tourigny), soprano, baritone, mixed chorus, orchestra, 1996


Minotaurus (text by Friedrich Dürrenmatt), speaker, flute (+ alto flute), soprano saxophone, harp, viola, cello, double bass, percussion, 1988 (also version for speaker, flute [+ alto flute], oboe, bassoon, piano, percussion, 1988)

Black Burned Wood (text by John O'Keefe), soprano, violin (+ viola), piano, percussion, 1990

Mr. Link (texts by the composer, David Cole), speaker, orchestra, 1993

Ocamow (text by Shirley Cheechoo), baritone, guitar, cello, percussion, 1993

Risky (text by Maurice Tourigny), soprano, double bass, piano, 1993

Songs for an Acrobat (text by Maurice Tourigny), baritone, orchestra, 1995

Ice, soprano, mezzo-soprano, piccolo (+ bass flute), viola, double bass, 2 percussion, 1999


Pulsing Flight, 2/4 pianos, fixed media ad libitum, 1985