Magnus Bunnskog

(b. 1974, Gunnarsjö).

Swedish composer of mostly chamber, vocal and electroacoustic works that have been performed in Europe; he is also active as an intermedia artist.

Mr. Bunnskog initially studied drama, poetry and prose at the Ölands folkhögskola – Folk High School on Öland in 1997–98. He then studied composition with Per Mårtensson, Sven-David Sandström and Henrik Strindberg at the Gotlands Tonsättarskola – Gotland School of Music Composition in Visby from 1998–2000 and in 2001–02.

His music has been performed in Greece and Sweden.

As an intermedia artist, he has produced several short films and written much poetry. He has worked with the project Splintermind since 2000. He has worked as a theatre technician with Teater Albatross in Gothenburg and on tour in Europe. He has appeared in Cameroon and Sweden as an actor. In addition, he served as a member of the board of directors of the festival for young composers UNM in Norrköping and Stockholm in 2004.


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Raging quartet, 4 saxophones, 1998

Solfångare, string quartet, 1999 (also incorporated into film Solfångare)

Deklaranterna IIII, piccolo, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), piano, percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, 2000

How to say, flute, piano, 2004

Solo Piece for Flute, 2004

Éventail, cello/viola, 2005

Salute für Elfriede Jelinek, 3 electric guitars, 2005


Regnet svalkar skönt om sommaren (text by Anna Rydstedt), mixed chorus, 2002

Erst weiss ich, was die Liebe ist (text from a traditional source from Germany), mixed chorus, 2002, revised 2005

Du är trädgårdens källa (text from the Bible [Swedish translation]), mixed chorus, 2004

Med undantag av morgondagen (text by Bei Dao [translated by Göran Malmqvist]), male chorus, 2005

Så går en dag (text by Christoph Friedrich Neander, arranged by Johan Olof Wallin), mixed chorus, 2005


Det händer bara på tåg (text by Anna Svensson), 3 sopranos, 4 saxophones, 2 percussion, 1997

Ce jeu de batonnets (text from an anonymous source from France), speaker, harp, piano 4 hands, 1997

Do not go gentle into that good night (text by Dylan Thomas), 2 sopranos, French horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, 2000

Tre Dikter (text by the composer), alto, harp, 2000

östersjöar IV (text by Tomas Tranströmer), soprano, baritone, guitar, violin, 2001

Sju saknade sånger (texts by Anna Rydstedt, Inger Christensen, the composer), 4 sopranos, baritone, speaker, small orchestra (25 players), 2001–02

Wszelki wypadekThere but for the Grace (text by Wisława Szymborska [translated by Anders Bodegård]), mezzo-soprano/baritone, piano, 2005

Det Enda (text by Anna Rydstedt), any voice, 2005


...kommentar på konstnärens villkor, fixed media (2 tracks), 1999

Fina slipade längtan, fixed media (2 tracks), 1999

Jag lägger på nu, fixed media (2 tracks), 1999–2000

SKÅM IV, fixed media (2 tracks), 2000

Särt, fixed media (2 tracks), 2000 (music for exhibition by Pia Berglund)

MaaMaa, fixed media (2 tracks), 2005

Job; Intellect & silence, fixed media (2 tracks), 2005


Kitchen (Internet performance), 1999 (collaboration with Helena Lopac)

Solfångare, film (by the composer), 1999–2000 (incorporates Solfångare, string quartet)

Tidevarv (exhibition), 12 sound objects (by the composer), 12 sculptures (by Kristian Körner), 1999–2000

Massa (installation), fixed media (4 tracks), film (by Hanna Stahle), 2000