Alexandre Delgado

(b. 1965, Lisbon).

Portuguese composer of mostly orchestral and chamber works that have been performed in the Americas and Europe; he is also active as a violist.

Mr. Delgado is the great-grandson of the composer Carlos de Andrade (b. 1884 – d. 1930). He studied piano with Fátima Fraga and chamber music and violin at the Fundação Musical dos Amigos das Crianças in Lisbon from 1978–85. He studied viola with Barbara Friedhoff in France and graduated with distinction. He studied composition privately with Joly Braga Santos from 1981–85. He graduated in composition and violin as an external student of the Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa in 1982. He later studied composition with Jacques Charpentier at the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Nice from 1986–89, on a scholarship from the Secretaria de Estado da Cultura of Portugal, where he graduated with distinction.

Among his honours as a composer is the Prémio João de Freitas Branco (1992).

As a violist, he served as a member of the European Union Youth Orchestra in London in 1988–89 and of the Orquestra Gulbenkian in Lisbon from 1991–95. He also co-founded the Quarteto Lacerda.

Mr. Delgado is also active in other positions. He served as concertmaster and conductor of the Orquestra da Fundação Musical dos Amigos das Crianças and later served as musical assistant to RDP in Lisbon from 1989–91. He has written studies of the composers Carlos de Andrade and Luís de Freitas Branco, as well as the book A Sinfonia em Portugal (2001, Editorial Caminho). He has worked as a music critic for newspapers in Portugal since 1990 and also presented a programme of musical analysis on Antena 2.


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O Doido e a Morte (chamber opera in 1 act, libretto by Raul Brandão), mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, violin, viola, cello, double bass, harpsichord, 1993 (a concert suite was arranged for flute, marimba)


Versato, string orchestra, 1980

Prelúdio, string orchestra, 1982 (also version for string quartet)

Três Momentos, 1984

Concerto, flute, orchestra, 1988

Evoluções na Paisagem, 1989

Escaramuça, string orchestra, 1994

Tresvariações, 1999

Concerto, viola, orchestra, 2000

Little Suite, string orchestra, 2001 (also version for string quartet)


Prelúdio, string quartet, 1982 (version of work for string orchestra)

Concerto para Metais, 2 French horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba, 1985

Quarteto, 4 percussion, 1987

Duo, clarinet, viola, 1987

Os Nossos Dias, flute, oboe, bassoon, French horn, 1987

Antagonia, cello, 1990

Quarteto, 4 double basses, 1991

String Quartet, 1991

Burlesca, cello, double bass, 1991–92

The Panic Flirt, flute, 1992

Langará, clarinet, 1992

O Doido e a Morte, flute, marimba, 1995 (concert suite from chamber opera)

Quién me libra..., guitar, 1996

Duo, harpsichord, marimba, 1997

A Varanda do Frangipani, cello, 1999

Easy pieces, ensemble, 2000–01

Little Suite, string quartet, 2001 (version of work for string orchestra)


Cansonâncias, mixed chorus, 2000


Dois Poemas de Camões (text by Luís Vaz de Camões), soprano, piano, 1981

Turbilhão, bass, string quartet, 1987

Poema de Deus e do Diabo, bass, flute, clarinet, harp, violin, cello, 2001


Pequena obsessão compulsiva, 1995

Bamboleio, 1997–2000


Burlesca. Duo Contracello (Numérica: NUM 1055, 1996)

The Panic Flirt. Luís Meireles, flute (Numérica: NUM 1080, 1998)

Langará. Carlos Casadó, clarinet (Noten: NT 99003, 1999)

String Quartet. Arditti String Quartet (Etcetera Records: KTC 1242, 2001)

Prelúdio (original version); Escaramuça. Vasco Azevedo/Sinfonietta de Lisboa (PortugalSom/Strauss, 2002)

Pequena obsessão compulsiva. Ananda Sukarlan, piano (Cecilia Colien Honegger)

Quién me libra... Marco Socías, guitar (Cecilia Colien Honegger)