Dirk De Nef

(b. 17 May 1957, Ghent).

Belgian composer of mostly chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works that have been performed in Europe; he is also active as a conductor.

Mr. De Nef studied at the Koninklijk Vlaams Conservatorium in Antwerp from 1978–84, where he earned premiers prix in choral conducting, harmony, music history, and solfège. He then studied counterpoint and fugue with Rafaël D'Haene at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels from 1985–87 and analysis with Frans Geysen and composition with André Laporte there from 1990–95. He also attended a conducting course with Johan Duijck and László Heltay in 1989.

Among his honours are Second Prize in the competition of Harmonia–Nederland (1992, for Geef mij maar de brede trage rivieren) and two prizes in the competition for chamber music of the Muizelhuisconcerten (Third Prize, 1993, for Lucubrantiunculæ; First Prize, 1994, for Circumsonus). In addition, he was a finalist in the Koningin Elisabethwedstrijd in Brussels (1995, for Rond'eau) and received a prize in the competition of the Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten (1996), the Provinciale Prijs from the city of Antwerp (1997, for Stringtime) and the Provinciale Prijs from the province of East Flanders (1998, for Ik ben beperkt).

As a conductor, he has led the choruses Arti Vocali Antwerpen and UKA since 1992.

He is also active in other positions. He has organised the Duits–Vlaamse Koorweek since 1992, the concert series Ufsia at the Universiteit Antwerpen since 1999 and the Vlaams–Italiaanse Koorweek since 2003. In addition, he has sung as a tenor and baritone in the male chorus Kompakt since 1993.

He has taught writing at the Gemeentelijke Academie voor Muziek-Woord-Dans in Heist-op-den-Berg since 1989 and at the Academie Muziek Woord Dans in Bornem since 1996. He has taught harmony at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven since 1990.


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Musivum-Pyramidéefixe, 12 strings, 1991

Atona, 1995

Stained Glass, symphonic band, 1997


Aurora, 2 French horns, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 tubas, 1990

Lucubrantiunculæ, marimba, violin, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 1992

Suitesque, violin, cello, piano, 1993

Circumsonus, violin, piano, 1994

Mad(t)hematic variations, violin, piano, 1995

Per son age, violin, piano, 1995

Stringtime, string quartet, 1996

On wings of strings, clarinet, string quartet, 1997

Mixed Gril(l), violin, viola, cello, piano, 1999

In de navel van de agave, clarinet, viola, piano, 2002

Alva, guitar, string quartet, 2003

Son naté, violin, cello, piano, 2003

H-irak-iri, flute, guitar, viola, 2003

IJsland-Suite, flute, percussion, 2003


Water bij dag en bij nacht (text by Rutger Kopland), 8 mixed voices, 1990

Waar gaan de dingen gebeuren (text by Herman De Coninck), mixed chorus, 1991

Geef mij maar de brede trage rivieren (text by Rutger Kopland), mixed chorus, 1992

Kleine ballade (text by Hans Andreus), mixed chorus, 1993

Liggen in de zon (text by Hans Andreus), mixed chorus, 1993

's Nachts (text by Hans Andreus), mixed chorus, 1993

The Silver Swanne (text from an anonymous source), soprano, 6 mixed voices, 1993

Ballade morale (text by François Villon), mixed chorus, 1993

Scène (text by Godfried Bomans), mixed chorus, 1995

Kerstlied (text by Anton van Duinkerken), 3 equal voices, 1995

Upon the nipples of Julia's breast (text by Robert Herrick), 8 mixed voices, 1997

Rap-Sotie (text by François Villon), rapper, 6 mixed voices, 1997

Het Water loopt al zingend (text by Kurt Van De Wouwer), children's chorus, piano, 1997

Mosselsuite (text from the folksong Ken jij Jan de mosselman), 4 male voices, 1998

Ein G'mischte Salat (texts from folksongs from Switzerland), rapper, 8 mixed voices (all + cowbells), alphorn ad libitum, 1999

Rodian (cantata, texts by Roland van Boxtaele, Lieve Denollet, An Vermaercke), soprano, tenor, bass, mixed chorus, large orchestra, 2001

Minisp(r)ookje (text by Rens Morenski), children's chorus, double bass, piano, percussion, 2002


What I write with this hand (text by Pieter G. Buckinx), voice, piano, 1995

Ik ben beperkt (text by Hedwig Hensen), mezzo-soprano, harp, string quartet, 1997

Nocturne (text from a poetry calendar), baritone, string quartet, 1998

Als met water (text by Rutger Kopland), mezzo-soprano/baritone, harp/marimba, 1999


Rond'eau, 1995

Enfantasie e Skerdzo, 1997

Pentona, 1997

Spring Dance, 1997

Actus Purus, 1999


Het Water loopt al zingend. De Gespeelckens (De Gespeelckens, 1999)

Circumsonus. Stijn Kolacny, violin; Nico Balthussen, piano (Muizelhuisconcerten, 2000)

Ein G'mischte Salat. Roger Leens/Vlaams Radio Koor (Vlaams Radio Koor, 2000)

Mixed Gril(l). Marcato Piano Quartet (René Gailly International Productions: 87 177, 2001)

Actus Purus. Roland De Munck, piano (Lemmensinstituut, 2001)

Mad(t)hematic variations. Eric Robberecht, violin; Anne op de Beeck, piano (Lemmensinstituut, 2003)

In de navel van de agave. Nota Bene (2004)