Manuel Pedro Ferreira

(b. May 1959, Lisbon).

Portuguese composer of mostly chamber, choral and vocal works that have been performed in Europe; he is also active as a conductor and musicologist.

Prof. Ferreira studied at Princeton University, where he earned his MFA and PhD with a thesis on Gregorian chant at Cluny.

As a conductor, he founded the chorus Vozes Alfonsinas in Lisbon in 1995 and has served as its conductor since 1995, with which he has recorded six CDs of music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

As a musicologist, he has written extensively on music from the Middle Ages, including the books The Sound of Martín Codax (1986), Cancioneiro da Biblioteca Publia Hortensia de Elvas (1989), Porto 714: Um Manuscrito precioso (2001), and Cantus coronatus (2005, Edition Reichenberger). He also edited and contributed to the book Dez Compositores portugueses (2007, Publicações Dom Quixote), about 20th-century music from Portugal.

He is also active in other positions. He has worked as a music critic, music journalist and organiser since 1978.

He has taught at the Universidade Nova in Lisbon, where he became professor associado in 2001 and professor catedrático in 2019.


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Duettino, flute/oboe/clarinet/violin, clarinet/viola, 1988

Saudade: In memoriam Duarte Lino Pimentel, recorder/flute/oboe, 1999

Prelúdio de Outono, recorder, 1999

String Song, violin, viola, cello, 2000–01


De profundis, 2 male choruses, 1994, revised 2002–

Canção profana de Natal, mixed chorus, 1995–96

Três Cânticos baptismais, mixed chorus, 1991–97

The Mother of God, 4 mixed voices, 1998

Dois Hinos a Madre Teresa de Saldanha, female chorus, 1999

Faz de conta, children's chorus, 2000

Delirium, 6 mixed voices, 2000–01

Mini-Magnificat, soprano, alto, 2005

Canção simples de Reis (text by the composer), soprano/alto, tenor, bass, 2012

Cosmogonia de Natal (text by David Mourão-Ferreira), soprano/alto, tenor/bass, 2 basses, 2013

Kyrie breve, 4 mixed voices, 2014

Mini-Aleluia, 4 mixed voices, 2014 (also version for soprano/alto, 3 tenors/3 basses, 2014)

Certo tempo (political hymn, text by the composer), soprano/alto, tenor, bass, duplications at the octave ad libitum, 2015

Ladainha de Dezembro (text by the composer), soprano, bass, 2015

Festa se faça, soprano, alto, bass, 2016

Três Alumbramentos (text by Fiama Hasse Paes Brandão), 2016–17 (its three sections may be performed separately: Nome lírico, soprano, tenor, bass, 2017; A Rola, soprano/alto, tenor, bass, 2016; Madressilvas e tílias, soprano, tenor, bass, 2017)

Zebaoth (text by Else Lasker-Schüler), soprano/alto, tenor/bass, 2018

Quadra de Aleixo (text by António Aleixo), 2 sopranos/2 altos, 2 tenors/2 basses, 2018

Mar azul (text by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen), 2 sopranos, alto, tenor, bass, 2018

Ai tiranos! (text from the Book of Micah, with variable names of current relevant politicians), speaker, 4 mixed voices, 2018

Prólogo – Interlúdio – Epílogo (text by the composer), 4 mixed voices, 2017–19 (its three sections may be performed separately: Prólogo, 2017; Epílogo, 2018; Interlúdio, 2019)

Sanctus, 4 mixed voices, 2019

3x2 Sonetos, 2 sopranos, 1998–


Trois Chansons de Rilke (text by Rainer Maria Rilke), soprano, piano, 1989

Blues, mezzo-soprano, piano, 1994–95, revised 2002–

Plum, mezzo-soprano, piano, 1997–98, revised 2002–

Three Poems from 'A Woman Young and Old', soprano, piano, 1998–99, revised 2002–

Canto de sereia (vocalise), alto, flute, oboe/clarinet, harp, violin, viola, cello, 2006

Balada da Isabel (song, text by the composer), voice, accompaniment, 2011

Três Quadras (song, text by the composer), voice, accompaniment, 2012

Menina (song, text by the composer), voice, accompaniment, 2019

An Irish Airman, tenor, piano, 1998–


Timor Llorosa, 1999

Lamento à sexta, 2016

Nocturno, 2019


Le Gymnaste (cycle for beginners), piano, 2000–05


Trois Chansons de Rilke. Ana Ferraz, soprano; Gabriela Canavilhas, piano (MoviePlay: 3-11050, 1997)