Sergio Fidemraizer

(b. 1958, Rosario).

Argentinean composer, now resident in Spain, of mostly chamber works that have been performed in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Mr. Fidemraizer studied analysis, composition, counterpoint, and harmony with Dante Grela at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario from 1978–84, with whom he also studied contemporary composition privately from 1978–82. In addition, he studied orchestral conducting privately with Mario Benzecry from 1981–83 and had private postgraduate studies in analysis and techniques of contemporary music with Francisco Kröpfl in Buenos Aires from 1982–84. He later studied analysis and techniques of contemporary music and electroacoustic music with Gabriel Brncic at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona from 1988–93, where he also studied computer music with Xavier Serra in 1992–93. In addition, he attended the Conservatori Professional de Música de Badalona, where he earned various teaching degrees in 1998.

He has received commissions from numerous organisations, including the Agrupación Nueva Música de Rosario, the Asociación de Compositores de Santa Fe, the Associació Catalana de Compositors in Barcelona, and the city of Rosario, as well as from the bandoneón-player Luis Caruana, the Duo Izquierdo–Subirà, the Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música, the ensemble Grupo Música XXI, the Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Santa Fe, the Sociedad de los Cinco Vientos, and pianist Marcel Worms. His music has been performed in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the USA.

He is also active in other positions. He founded the Asociación de Jóvenes Compositores de Rosario in 1980, co-founded the Agrupación Nueva Música de Rosario in 1981 and founded the Asociación de Compositores de Santa Fe in 1984. He also founded the Grupo Klank in 1985, an ensemble of young composers and performers of contemporary music, and served as its conductor and pianist in 1985–86.

He has taught secondary-school subjects as a professor for the Departament d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya in Blanes since 1998.

He has lived in Spain since 1986.


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El Camino del elefante (incidental music, play by Lauro Campos), oboe, cello, double bass, piano, 1980

Romance del enamorado y la muerte (incidental music, play by Hugo Sánchez), female voice, male voice, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, 1984

Primera Luz (chamber opera in 1 act, libretto by Edgardo Dobry), soprano, baritone, female actor, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 2005

Frío (incidental music, video play by Teresa Durán), fixed media, 2012


Concert dels Pins, guitar, piano, orchestra, 1989

Segunda Glaciación, symphonic band, 2003

Visiones (homenaje a Piazzolla), orchestra (11 winds, 8 brass, piano, timpani, 2 percussion, strings), 2013

Alevare, tenor saxophone, bandoneón, string orchestra, 2015


Aulofonías, 4 flutes, 1980 (also version for piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute, 1998)

Pieza para flauta, flute, 1980

Pieza para oboe, oboe, 1981

Tres Preludios, violin, piano, 1981

Sonata, flute, guitar, 1981

Cinco Bagatelas, guitar, 1982

Los Sueños líricos de Maite, French horn, fixed media, 1982

Trío, clarinet, violin, piano, 1982

Cadencias, flute, bass clarinet, double bass, piano, 2 percussion, 1983

Otras voces, 2 clarinets, 4 percussion, 1986

Otros sones, flute, bass clarinet, viola, double bass, percussion, 1986

Música para un encuentro imaginario, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, 1987

Afectos, guitar, violin, viola, cello, 1988

Ciclos de cenizas, flute (+ piccolo), clarinet, guitar, piano, vibraphone, 1988

De Tambores y Ancestros, guitar, 1990

Serenata de octubre, flute, piano, 1990

La Cara oculta, flute, clarinet, fixed media, 1991

Luz y sombra, clarinet, piano (+ synthesizer), percussion, 1992

La otra Escena, flute, violin, piano, fixed media, 1993

La Crida, tenor recorder, percussion, 1999

Mensajes, clarinet, viola, piano, percussion, 2001

En Tránsito, 2 tenor saxophones, baritone saxophone, 2004

Obertura del Alba, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 2004

Solomarimba, marimba, 2004

Ela, don don, flute, soprano saxophone, guitar, cello, tambourine, 2005

Mozart in love, flute, harp, 2005

Uppsala 2007, flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, 2007

Invenciones, clarinet, percussion, 2007

2 x 7, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, violin, viola, cello, double bass, 2008

Fugitiu de l'ombra, clarinet, double bass, piano, accordion, 2008

Viento Sur, bass clarinet, fixed media, 2008

Va i vé, baritone saxophone, fixed media, 2010

Boréada, bass clarinet, organ, fixed media, 2011

Drums Attack, 2 percussion, fixed media, 2012

Flix de nit, clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone, double bass, 2013

Senderos, harpsichord, percussion, 2015

Trazos y brumas, string quartet, 2016

Tunnel#7, contrabass clarinet, fixed media, 2016

Bagajes perdidos, vibraphone, fixed media, 2017


Basod (text by Carlos Capella), female voice, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), cello, piano, percussion, 1981

Nightpiece (text by James Joyce), soprano, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 2001

Atisbo de Música (text by Edgardo Dobry), soprano, double bass, 2004

El Orden de las cosas (texts by María Cinta Montagut, Julia Otxoa), soprano, female speaker, flute, percussion, 2006

Invocacions (texts by Rubén Darío, Bertolt Brecht, Cesare Pavese, Josep Carner, Samuel Beckett), soprano, double bass, 2007


Tres Piezas breves, 2000

Marceltango, 2003

Impromptu fantástico, piano, fixed media, 2016


Mujer, organ, fixed media, 2009


Cierzo y niebla, harpsichord, fixed media, 2010


Cantos del Alba, fixed media, 1988

Recorda-te'n, fixed media, 1991

Lo que vendrá, fixed media, 1992

Arran de pell, fixed media, 2009

25 x Bulerías, fixed media, 2012


Charlotte, fixed media, 2015 (Teresa Durán)


Recorda-te'n. (Unió Músics: PM 1040, 1992)

Lo que vendrá. (Anacrusi: DL Gi-25-2000 AC 015, 2000)

Cinco Bagatelas. Andrea Orsi, guitar (Agenda Edizioni Musicali, 2005)

Atisbo de Música. Marta Fiol, soprano; Rafael Esteve, double bass (Fundació Música Contemporània: B-40161/05, 2006)

La Crida. Joan Izquierdo, tenor recorder; Pilar Subirà, percussion (Fundació ACA: PM 2709-2007, 2007)