Gisella Frontero

(b. 1960s, Liguria).

Italian composer of mostly chamber, vocal, piano, and multimedia works that have been performed in Europe and North America; she is also active as a pianist.

Ms. Frontero studied composition with Gaetano Luporini and piano with Giancarlo Cardini at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Florence, where she graduated with a diploma in piano. She also studied butoh dance privately with Ko Murobushi in 1992 and in Ravenna in 2003 and studied voice privately with Liliana Poli in 2003 and 2005.

As a pianist, she is a specialist in contemporary music and in the works of John Cage. She has given concerts in Austria, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the USA.


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Terry B. (opera project), voice, children's chorus, flute, percussion, string orchestra, fixed media, large mirrors, monitors, 1989


La Stanza, harp, guitar, celesta, glockenspiel, xylophone, 1981

Carillon, celesta, carillon, glockenspiel, 1988

Armenia Colorata, cello, 1988

Quaderni di Venezia, flute, percussion, 1988

Happy Island, electric guitar, fixed media, 1990

Les Nuages, flute, violin, viola, cello, piano, fixed media, 2004


KHLA, soprano, 5 percussion, 1984

China, voice, 2 percussion, sound objects, white shells, 1988

La Casa di Hänsel e Gretel, soprano, cello, double bass, piano, 1988

Su un ramo di Ciliegio, voice, piano, 1988

India (song-cycle), voice, piano, 2001

Il Pianeta sarà delle farfalle, voice, piano, small wind chimes/small cymbals, 2002

Pour tous les noirs du monde, female voice, piano, 2002

Africa, female voice, piano, 2004


Falling Star, 1986

Schizzi per 'Terry B.', piano, fixed media, shells, 1989

Blue China...pensando a John Cage, prepared piano, 1992

Steps On, 1998

In Giardino stampe, 1999

Songs (text by the composer), piano (+ voice), 2001–02 (one section may be performed separately: Dream House La Monte [omaggio a La Monte Young])

Florence, 2004

Prélude Toi et Moi, 2004

New York Prelude, 2004

French Italian Prelude, 2004

SeptemberAprilJuly (suite), 2007


At Sea (sound installation), film (by the composer), 1986–88

Amazzonia, voice, flute, 20 percussion, lights, 1989

Musica d'inverno, piano, fixed media, lights, 1990

A Thomas per l'Oriente...da...lontano, piano, fixed media, photographs, 1990

No War, voice, drawings, 1995

One Day, piano, fixed media, lights, 1998

Voices (texts by Aida Mitsuo, the composer [also translated by Takeda Katsuya]), any number of amplified voices, fixed media, lights, 1999

Japanese Garden (sound installation), piano, fixed media, lights, photographs, sand, shells, 1999–2000

Alessio e Giacometti, butoh dancer, 2 players, fixed media, live electronics, drawings, sculpture, slide projections, 2001

Barcelona, piano, large orchestra, slide projections, 2003–