Julia Gomelskaya

(b. 1964, Saratov – d. 4 December 2016, Lyman Raion, Odessa Oblast).

Ukrainian composer, born in Russia, of mostly orchestral and chamber works that have been performed throughout the world.

Ms. Gomelskaya studied composition with Oleksandr Krasotov at the A. V. Nezhdanov State Music Academy in Odessa from 1984–90, where she earned her diploma with distinction. She later attended workshops at the Stichting Gaudeamus in Amsterdam in 1993 and studied composition with Robert Saxton at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London from 1995–97, where he she earned her MMus, on a fellowship.

Among her honours were First Prize in the competition Prokofiev in Donetsk (1993, for In Opposition), Third Prize in a competition for women composers in Kiev (1995, for Floridas), Premier Prix in the competition Comines in Belgium (2003, for The Riot), Premier Prix in the competition of the Florilège vocal de Tours (2006), the Municipal Prize from the city of Odessa (2006), and the Boris Lyatoshinsky Prize from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (2011). Her music has been performed in Armenia, Belgium, China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK, and the USA, including five times at the ISCM World Music Days (2000, Luxembourg; 2002, Hong Kong; 2004, Switzerland; 2009, Sweden; 2011, Zagreb).

She lectured on composition and orchestration at the A. V. Nezhdanov State Music Academy from 1991–2016.





Jane Eyre (ballet in 2 acts, scenario by Lucille Briance), small orchestra (18 players), 1997

The Divine Sarah (dramatic opera scene, libretto by Michael Irwin), mezzo-soprano, piano, 1999


Poem-Overture, 1990

Exlibris, violin, orchestra, 1993

Floridas, small orchestra (19 players), 1995

Kurt Reminiscences, small orchestra (8 winds, 4 brass, piano, percussion), 1996

Memento Vitæ, small orchestra, 1996

Ithron-Phonium, large orchestra, 1998

The Riot, small orchestra (8/16 winds, 6/12 brass, 2 percussion), 2001

SymPhobia (symphony no. 1), 2004

AtomAnatomy, 2007

Concerto, piano, string orchestra, 2007

Concerto grosso, violin, string orchestra, 2009

Symphony No. 2, 'Ukraine Forever', 2010

Ukrainochka, folk orchestra from Ukraine, 2012 (version of work for piano)

in the stream of pulsed lyra (chamber symphony no. 2), 16 strings, 2012


Sonata, violin, piano, 1987

In Opposition, string quartet, 1989

In modo Sketch, cello, piano, 1992

Saxonome. Apologia, alto saxophone, ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano), 1994

N Quartet, string quartet, 1995

Phonium-Folk, flute, violin, cello, piano, 1995

Flute Vers-Inversions, flute, fixed media, 1996

Sentimental Serenade, bassoon, piano, 1996

Bagatelle, French horn, piano, 1996

Forgotten Ritual, flute, alto saxophone, piano, percussion, 1996

From the Bottom of the Soul, string quartet, 1997

Zig-Net-Zag, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), cello, 2 pianos, 1998

Synopsis of Symmetries, flute, violin, viola, cello, 1999

The Trap for Two, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, 2000 (also version for E-flat clarinet, clarinet, 2000) of recalls..., violin, viola, cello, 2000

Behind the Shadow of Sound, violin, bayan, 2000

Dabuba-pa, violin, 2000

The Triumph of Adrenaline, trombone, percussion, 2001

DiaDem No. 1, flute, harp, 2001 (also version for flute, piano, 2003)

Barva – Colour, 60-string bandura (plucked instrument from Ukraine), 2001

EcHorn, French horn, piano, 2002

DiaDem No. 2, violin, cello, 2003

the only hint..., flute, 2003 (also version for clarinet, 2007)

Carl and Clara, clarinet, piano, 2003

Rhythmus, double bass, piano, 2005

dive deep in a rhythm-risk-riot..., violin, cello, piano, 2005

Gutsulka-Dance, piano, percussion, 2006 (also version for 2 pianos, 2 percussion, 2006)

Through Crystals of Gothic Mosaic, flute (+ alto flute), cello, piano, 2006

Strimpellata Sounds (chamber symphony no. 1), flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, 2007

Charms of a Lonely Firebird or Well-Digitised Bandura, bandura, fixed media, 2008

Jab-Jazz, trombone, piano, percussion, 2008

Trace of Trumpet, trumpet, piano, 2008

DiaDem No. 3, bandura, bayan, 2010

Wings of the East Wind, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 2010

Winter Pastoral, 5 trumpets, 2011 (version of choral work)

Major-Major, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, 2012 (also version for French horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, 2012)


Spring Verses (cantata, texts from folk sources from Ukraine), children's chorus, piano, 1993

Winter Pastoral (text by Boris Pasternak [translated by Lydia Pasternak Slater]), mixed chorus, 1996 (also version for 5 trumpets)

Vitæ Musica (concert of musical symbols, text by Roman Brodavko), mixed chorus, piano (2 players), 2002

Whispering, speaking, singing..., mixed chorus, 2006


Unwhispered Words (cantata, text by Olena Matushek), soprano, flute, piano, 1994

Tear-Stained Autumn (text by Anna Akhmatova), soprano, piano, 1996

Waiting (text by Jennie Fontana), mezzo-soprano, piano, 1997

Out of Gravitation (text by Gwyneth Lewis), soprano, flute (+ alto flute), piano, 2001

My Sister Night (text by Dolly Radford), mezzo-soprano, flute (+ alto flute), piano, 2004

ukRAINian ballad, soprano, tuba, 2009

Flashbacks of a Tired Popstar (novels, text by Karl-Maria Kinsky [also English translation]), bass-baritone, violin, piano, 2010

Writing to Onegin. One more try (text by Ruth Padel), female voice, cello, 2011 (also version for female voice, harp, viola, cello, marimba, 2011)


Seven Touches, 1999

Ukrainochka, 2005 (also version for folk orchestra from Ukraine)

Calling the Sun, 2 pianos, 2006