Daniel Goode

(b. 24 January 1936, New York, New York).

American composer of mostly stage, orchestral, chamber, vocal, piano, electroacoustic, and multimedia works that have been performed throughout the world; he is also active as a clarinettist and writer.

Mr. Goode initially studied philosophy at Oberlin College in Ohio, where he graduated with a BA in 1957, and later studied composition with Henry Cowell and Otto Luening at Columbia University, where he earned his MA in 1962. He had further studies with Kenneth Gaburo and Pauline Oliveros at the University of California, San Diego from 1968–70.

As a clarinettist, he has performed hundreds of premières. He was a performer in the ensemble for music and ritual Sounds Out of Silent Spaces in New York, New York from 1972–79. He co-founded with Barbara Benary and Philip Corner Gamelan Son of Lion in New York, New York in 1976, with which he has performed since 1976. He also co-founded with William Hellermann the DownTown Ensemble in New York, New York in 1983 and has served as its co-director since 1983.

As a writer, his books are From Notebooks (1984, Frog Peak Music) and One Page Pieces (second edition, 1999, Frog Peak Music). In addition, he edited the collection Frog Peak Rock Music Book (1995, Frog Peak Music).

He taught at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks in 1963–64, where he was involved in the performance of Renaissance music. He taught at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey from 1971–98, where he founded the Electronic Music Studio and served as its director. He also taught as a guest at Osh State University in Kyrgyzstan in 1997.

His primary publisher is Frog Peak Music.


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The Tempest (incidental music, play by William Shakespeare), 1964

Orbits, any 2 players, 6 moving players, 1970

Faust (incidental music, play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe), 1974

Faust Crosses the Raritan somewhere in West Africa (dance music, choreography by Gale Ormiston), female dancer, piano, fixed media, 1989 (version of work for synthesizer)

Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom (incidental music, play by Suzan-Lori Parks), fixed media, 1989

The Autobiography of New York (incidental music, play by Suzanne Zavrian), ensemble of toy instruments, 1993

Dans King, puppet show, gamelan, 1995

V. O. I. D. (Velocity of Interfering Data) (dance music, choreography by Pauline de Groot), clarinet, 1996

Frogs (dance music, choreography by Helmut Gottschild), clarinet, 1996

Re:Sound (dance music, choreography by Jody Oberfelder), 7 dancers, gamelan, 1998

Ländler Land, 3 cellos, 2 pianos, dancing audience, 1999–2000

Bluish Haze, gamelan, dancing audience, 2001

Walking down the Avenue, clarinet, 2 violas, cello, 2 pianos, dancing audience, 2003 (version of work for accordion)


Inner Motions IIV, small orchestra (14 players), 1969–74

Chord Progression, 1977

Circular Thoughts, gamelan, 1977 (version of work for clarinet; also version for orchestra by Tom Johnson, 1980)

Hear the Sound of Random Numbers, gamelan, 1979

Phrases of the Hermit Thrush, clarinet, string orchestra, 1979 (version of work for clarinet)

Eine Kleine Gamelan Music, any number of players ad libitum, gamelan, 1980 (also version as Eine Kleine..., any ensemble [versions by Nick Didkovsky for 2 electric guitars; electric guitar, variable ensemble]; version for orchestra, 1991; version as Eine Kleine Gamelan/Computer Music, gamelan, computer, 1995 [collaboration with Larry Polansky])

40 Random Numbered Clangs, gamelan, 1980

Wind Symphony, 1980

Semaphores, gamelan, 1981

The Brooklyn Bridge comes to..., gamelan, fixed media, 1981 (also version for variable ensemble, fixed media)

Cape Breton Concerto, 6 traditional violins, piano, symphonic band, 1982

Fiddle Studies, 8 violins, orchestra, 1982 (version of chamber work)

Tremolo, gamelan, 1982 (section of Gamelan NEA, a collaboration with Barbara Benary, Philip Corner, Peter Griggs; may be performed separately)

Gong Dance à 7, gamelan, 1982

Slendro Clarinet, Welcome!, clarinet (tuned in slendro), gamelan, 1986

Flower Forms I, symphonic band, 1988

Needles and Thread, 2 violins, gamelan, 1989

Flower Forms IIIII, symphonic band, 1990

Dans Music, gamelan, 1992

Puppet Dance, gamelan, 1993

Two Dans Music, gamelan, 1993

Slendro Clarinet (in Pelog), clarinet, gamelan, 1994

SadHappy, gamelan, 1998 (its two sections may be performed separately)

5 SE, gamelan, 2002, revised 2003

Ann-Track, alto flute, clarinet, trombone, 12 cellos, 2003–04

AnnCela Express, flute, clarinet, trombone, 12 cellos, 2004–05

Annbling, 2 clarinets, 10 trombones, viola, double bass, piano, vibraphone, gongs, 2006–07


Sonata, clarinet, piano, 1959–60

Piece, French horn, trumpet, trombone, 1961

Symphonia, violin, cello, piano, 1964

Étude, string quartet, 1966

Rounds, 2 ensembles, 1967

Symphonia, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, 1968

Music-plus-One, cello, fixed media, 1968

Placements, trombone, cello, timpani, 1968

Bell Rows, 6 bells/any other resonant objects (2 players), fixed media, 1971

Some Circular Ideas, clarinet, 1973

Circular Thoughts, clarinet, 1973 (also versions for 4 percussion, 1983; piano; gamelan; version by Tom Johnson for orchestra)

...continuing from before..., any 3–6 players, 1974

Paths II: Concerto, piano, ensemble (flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola), 1974 (version of Paths I)

Phrases of the Hermit Thrush, clarinet, 1974 (also version for clarinet, string orchestra)

Stamping in the Dark, any 2 or more stamping players, 1974

Hypnotica Domestica, kitchen sounds (any number of players), fixed media, 1975

Traveling Music, flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, piano, 1975

Two Thrushes, flute, oboe, 1975

Faust Crosses the Raritan somewhere in West Africa, synthesizer, 1975 (also version for female dancer, piano, fixed media)

Cape Breton Fiddle Tunes, clarinet, 1976

Five ThrushesTwo Fiddles, 7 players, 1976 (also version as Five ThrushesTwo Fiddles and Piano, 8 players, 1978)

Mockingbird, improvisational clarinet, 1976

The Thrush from Upper Dunakyn, bass recorder, 1976

Mantra Swing, accordion, variable ensemble, 1977

Random Chords, 4 gamelan players, 1979 (also version for clarinet [tuned in slendro], 4 gamelan players, 1983)

Eine Kleine..., any ensemble, 1980 (version of Eine Kleine Gamelan Music; also versions by Nick Didkovsky for 2 electric guitars, 1995; electric guitar, variable ensemble, 1997)

Graphic Music without Rules, any number of players, 1980

The Red and White Cows, any number of players, 1980

The Brooklyn Bridge comes to..., variable ensemble, fixed media, 1981 (version of work for gamelan, fixed media)

Fiddle Studies, flute, oboe, clarinet, soprano saxophone, 1981 (also version for 8 violins, orchestra)

Find a Third Sound..., flute, piano, 1981

Three Random Fingers, clarinet, computer, 1982

Thrush Quintet, clarinet, string quartet, 1982

Walk-Up Passacaglia, improvisational ensemble (clarinet, alto saxophone, piano), 1983 (also version for clarinet, alto saxophone, piano, improvisational ensemble [flute, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello, percussion], 1983)

Gong Spread, handheld gongs (3 or more players), 1983

Tuba Thrush, trombone/tuba/double bass, 1984

Shaking Music, flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, electronic keyboard, 1985

Walking down the Avenue, accordion, 1986 (also version for clarinet, 2 violas, cello, 2 pianos, dancing audience)

Wisp, synthesizer, 1986

Diet Polka, accordion, 1987 (also version for piano; version by Guy Klucevsek for any 2 strings, accordion, 1988)

Drone World, clarinet, trombone, 1987 (collaboration with Peter Zummo)

Tunnel-Funnel, 4 flutes (1st + alto flute, piccolo, 2nd, 3rd + alto flute, 4th + alto flute, bass flute), 3 trombones, tenor-bass trombone, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano, percussion, 1988

Stone Structures, 2 resonant rocks (any number of players), 1989

Three Talking Sculptures for Election Day, any ensemble, 1992

Clarinet Songs, clarinet, 1979–93

Nod-Drama, any ensemble, 1993

Eight Thrushes, Accordion and Bagpipe, accordion, variable folk ensemble, variable ensemble (8 players), fixed media, 1994

Dr. King Is Rowed Ashore, handbells (any number of players), 1995

Triocek, violin, cello, piano, 1995

Whistling through Your Sound, any wind ensemble, audience (with whistling instruments), 1996

Yom Kippur in Belgrade, clarinet, 1996

2-Noter (chamber symphony), 2 oboes, clarinet (+ bass clarinet), bassoon, 2 trumpets, trombone, viola, 3 cellos, double bass, 2000


Sob-Laugh (text by the composer), mixed chorus, 1976

Flout 'em and Scout 'em (text by the composer), mixed chorus, 1993


Ballade (text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [English translation]), soprano, any recorder, rebec, violin, viola, cello, 1960

Two Songs on Texts by Nietzsche (text by Friedrich Nietzsche), voice, piano, 1961

Songs from 'The Tempest' (text by William Shakespeare), voice, harpsichord, 1964

That dot dot dot Opera (text by the composer), speaker, clarinet, 2 trombones, fixed media, 1979

IOU (text by the composer), any number of voices, 1980

Dreams through a Tube/American Heritage (text by the composer), 2 voices, 1980

Clothesline (text by the composer), soprano, flute (+ piccolo, alto flute), oboe, clarinet (+ alto saxophone, baritone saxophone), bassoon, violin/any voice, viola, double bass, piano (+ synthesizer), percussion, 1992

Arrivants (text by Kamau Brathwaite), voice, improvisational ensemble (clarinet, violin, percussion), 1994 (collaboration with Robert Benford, Noel DaCosta, Fred Simpson)

Marx Bros. (text by the composer), voice, piano, 1996

Juicy Cantata, Parts 13 (texts from various newspapers), speaker, clarinet, guitar, computer, 1995–2000


Suite, 1960

Two Inventions, 1961

Circular Thoughts, 1973 (version of work for clarinet)

Paths I, 1973 (also version as Paths II: Concerto, piano, ensemble [flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola])

Relaxing at the Piano, 1976

Thunder/Rain/Churchbells, piano 6 hands, 1976

Cage's 'Dream' Dreamed, 1977

Diet Polka, 1999 (version of work for accordion)


Electronic Episodes (sound installation, music for exhibition by Les Levine, Tony Smith), 1968

Worm, fixed media, 1971

Electronic Book, fixed media, 1973

Phased Loops, fixed media, 1973

Solitude by Sibelius, fixed media, live electronics, 1973

First Songs of Saul, fixed media, 1974

Serial Faust Interviews (for Shea Stadium), fixed media, 1974

Solo Performance, fixed media, 1977

3'34", fixed media, 1979

If You Don't Have a Partner, Take a Wooden Chair (music for exhibition by Alan Glovsky), fixed media, 1986

Bed/House (music for exhibition by Alan Glovsky), fixed media, 1987

Selected Chambers, fixed media, 1987

Rants for Railings (sound installation, music for exhibition by Alan Glovsky), 1989

Beethoven's 5th for Music Stand, computer, 1990

Sixth Floor Not Fifth Floor: Elevator Bell Music (sound installation), 1991

Pornography Made Me Do ItAgain, computer, 1993

In Earth (sound installation, music for exhibition by Alan Glovsky), 1994


Crawling, Flying, Dancing (for All), any player, fixed media, slide projections, 1977

Sound Sculptures, sound sculpture, 1980 (collaboration with Robert Cooke)

The Shouting Opera, dance troupe, clarinet, computer, film, slide projections (by Steve Cagan), 1986

From the Stars...and Stripes (text by the composer), digital voice, synthesizer, slide projections (by Steve Cagan), 1987

Figure/Ground, clarinet, fixed media, slide projections (by David Gearey), 1987

Barn Gongs, interactive sound-sculpture, 1988

George, Meet the Third World, clarinet, fixed media, live electronics, slide projections (by Steve Cagan), 1989 (also version as Managua-Matagalpa-Music, clarinet, marimba, fixed media, live electronics, slide projections [by Steve Cagan], 1989)

Lethal Aid(e), gamelan, slide projections (by Connie Samaras), 1991

UFOs Made Me Do It, fixed media, slide projections (by Connie Samaras, Robert Schaffer), 1993

Seat of Sound, interactive sound-sculpture, 2000 (collaboration with Robert Cooke)


3% Vision, 2000 (David Gearey)


Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie (Larry Polansky), clarinet (+ kemanak [bronze idiophone from Indonesia]), gendèr (metallophone from Indonesia) (+ kemanak), 1992

Ramona (Mabel Wayne), clarinet, trombone, gamelan, 2000

Symphonie Nr. 9 in D-moll, Op. 125 (Ludwig van Beethoven), small plastic violin toy, any number of handheld toy instruments/percussion instruments of indefinite pitch (any number of players), 2001

Java 2 (realisation of Four Voice Canon #13 [DIY Canon]) (Larry Polansky), fixed media, 2002


Song for Jackson Mac Low, 1997


Circular Thoughts (version for gamelan). Gamelan Son of Lion (Folkways Records: FTS 31313, 1979 [reissued as Locust Music: 41/42]) (LP)

The Thrush from Upper Dunakyn. Pete Rose, bass recorder (Opus One Music: 71, 1982) (LP)

40 Random Numbered Clangs. Gamelan Son of Lion (Folkways Records: FTS 31322, 1982 [reissued as Locust Music: 41/42]) (LP)

The Red and White Cows. Monika Hölszky-Wiedemann, violin; John Lad, viola; Sorrel Hays, piano (Finnadar Records, 1985) (LP)

Hear the Sound of Random Numbers; Random Chords (second version). Gamelan Son of Lion (New Wilderness Audiographics, 1985 [reissued as Locust Music: 78]) (cassette)

Wind Symphony. Relâche (private, 1987) (cassette)

Circular Thoughts (original version); Selected Chambers. Daniel Goode, clarinet (Frog Peak Music, 1987) (cassette)

Higher Song from Clarinet Songs. Daniel Goode, clarinet (Leonardo Music Journal: 1, 1992)

Diet Polka (original version). Guy Klucevsek, accordion (Wave/Eva, 1992)

Clarinet Songs. Daniel Goode, clarinet (XI Records, 1993)

Slendro Clarinet, Welcome! Daniel Goode, clarinet; Gamelan Son of Lion (GSOL Records, 1995)

The Red and White Cows. Petr Kofroň/Agon Orchestra (Grafické Partitury a KonceptyGraphic Scores and Concepts [book with CD], audio ego: 01, 1996)

Eine Kleine... (second version by Nick Didkovsky). Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Binky Boy (Punos Music, 1997)

Juicy Cantata, Parts 13 (excerpts); Song for Jackson Mac Low. (Leonardo Music Journal: 7, 1997)

Tunnel-Funnel; Fiddle Studies (original version). Peter Standaart, flute; Libby Van Cleve, oboe; Ronald Krentzman, clarinet; Richard Cohen, soprano saxophone; Eric Grunin/CrossTown Ensemble (Tzadik Records: TZ 7029, 1998)

Eine Kleine Gamelan Music. Gamelan Son of Lion (GSOL Records, 2002)

Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie (Larry Polansky). Daniel Goode, clarinet, kemanak; Larry Polansky, gendèr, kemanak (Artifact Music: ART-1023, 2002)

Java 2 (realisation of Four Voice Canon #13 [DIY Canon]) (Larry Polansky). (Cold Blue Music: CB0011, 2002)

Eight Thrushes, Accordion and Bagpipe; Cœur d'Orr (Harold Budd); improvisation; Mockingbird. Stoyan Boshnakov, gaida (bagpipes from southeastern Europe); Daniel Goode, clarinet, bass clarinet; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; DownTown Ensemble (Frog Peak Music: FP0010, 2003)

Circular Thoughts (version for gamelan); 40 Random Numbered Clangs. Gamelan Son of Lion (Locust Music: 41/42, 2003 [reissue of Folkways Records: FTS 31313, Folkways Records: FTS 31322])

Tremolo; Hear the Sound of Random Numbers; Random Chords (second version). Gamelan Son of Lion (Locust Music: 78, 2006 [reissue of New Wilderness Audiographics])

The Red and White Cows. ZWERM (New World Records: 80748-2, 2013)

Annbling; Circular Thoughts (original version); Sonata; Ländler Land. Daniel Goode, clarinet; Michael Finckel, Alexandra MacKenzie, Pitnarry Shin, cellos; Sarah Cahill, Joseph Kubera, Douglas Martin, pianos; Tara Simoncic/The Flexible Orchestra (New World Records: 80744-2, 2014)