Iwan Gunawan

(b. 1974, Bandung, West Java).

Indonesian composer of mostly chamber works that have been performed in Asia, Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Gunawan studied composition with Dieter Mack and piano with Iswargia R. Sudarno at UPI in Bandung from 1993–98 and later studied composition with Suka Hardjana, Slamet Abdul Sjukur and Rahayu Supanggah the Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta – Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Surakarta from 2005–07. He also attended workshops by Roderik de Man.

Among his honours is a residency at the Künstlerhaus Villa Waldberta in Feldafing (2017). His music has been performed in Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

He is also active in other positions. He has played gamelan since age six and founded the ensemble Kyai Fatahillah in Bandung in 2004, with which he also performs.

He has taught composition, the gamelan of Bali and piano at UPI in Bandung since 2003, where he has also taught computer music since 2013.


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Kulu-kulu 2004, gamelan (tuned in slendro) (13 players), 2004

Nyurup, 6 suling (bamboo flutes from Southeast Asia), gamelan, 2005

Spectrum, gamelan, fixed media, 2007

Kulu-kulu 2010, gamelan (in mixed tunings) (24 players), 2010

Pangaget, gamelan (tuned in slendro), 2010

Spectral, gamelan, fixed media, 2010

Cantus firmus (after Yannis Kyriakides), gamelan, fixed media, 2010

Noname and Nothing I, gamelan (in mixed tunings), 2010

Cycle and Variations, gamelan (in mixed tunings), 2011

Gamelan Soundscapes, suling, harp, piano, gamelan, 2016


Rhythm and Whisper, 3 percussion, fixed media, 2008

Kasada, 6 suling, fixed media, 2011

Gembyangan, piano, percussion, 2011 (also version for piano, 2 percussion, 2016)

Violin and Percussion, violin, fixed media, 2014

Like a Postlude, violin, 2014 (also version for voice)

Ken Dhang An, cello, piano, 2015


Fonem (text by the composer), pesindhèn (female voice from Indonesia), gamelan, live electronics, 2005

Lalamba (text from the hariring [singing style of the Sunda Islands]), pesindhèn, gamelan (tuned in slendro), 2010

Like a Postlude (texts by Robbert Jan Henkes, Erik Bindervoet, after James Joyce), voice, 2014 (version of work for violin)

Minutes (texts by Robbert Jan Henkes, Erik Bindervoet, after James Joyce; gamelan musicians also sing), female speaker, gamelan, 2016

Fly (texts by Robbert Jan Henkes, Erik Bindervoet, after James Joyce), soprano, harp, piano, gamelan, 2016


Ambience, fixed media, 2007

Voice in the Voice, fixed media, 2007


Six Marimbas (Steve Reich), gamelan (in mixed tunings), 2010

Twee korte stukken voor piano (Theo Loevendie), piano, gamelan, 2013

Douze Notations (Pierre Boulez), piano, gamelan, 2016