Ho Chee Kong

(b. 1963, Singapore).

Singaporean composer of mostly orchestral, chamber, choral, and piano works that have been performed in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Mr. Ho studied composition with Darrell Handel, Mara Helmuth and Joel Hoffman at the University of Cincinnati – College-Conservatory of Music from 1994–98 and there earned his DMA.

His music has been performed in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, and Vietnam.

He is also active in other positions. He has served on advisory committees of various ministries and organisations in Singapore. He served as organising chairman of the International Computer Music Conference in Singapore in 2003, as artistic director and co-organiser of the International Exchange Composers Concerts between Japan and Singapore in 2005–06 and as organising chairman of the Asian Composers League Festival and Conference in Singapore in 2013. He is also the founding president of the Composers Society of Singapore, a member of the Asian Composers League, and has served as vice-president and regional director for Asia/Oceana of the International Computer Music Association and as vice-chair of the executive committee of the Asian Composers League.

He has taught composition at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music of the National University of Singapore since 2002, where he served as associate director from 2002–07 and has served as Head of Composition since 2003.


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Modellos, symphonic band, 1996

Garden in Labyrinth, piano, string orchestra, 1998

eShenton, symphonic band, 2000

Enchanted Paths, large orchestra, 2000

Sapphire Dream, large orchestra, 2001

Over Kent Ridge, large orchestra, 2002

Fanfare, large orchestra, 2003

Night Electric Winds, orchestra of instruments from China, computer, 2004

Where Muses Tread, large orchestra, 2005

The Way of Play, 3 percussion, orchestra of instruments from China, 2005

Garden Veils, large orchestra, 2007

Perayaan, symphonic band, 2007

Of Passion and Passages, large orchestra, 2007

Shades of Oil Lamp, small orchestra, 2008

Passage: Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra, cello, large orchestra, 2012

Passage, cello, orchestra of instruments from China, 2013


Images, flute, 1994

A Crescent Opal, string quartet, 1996

Riverstone, marimba, 1996

Rainseeker, 3 percussion, 1996

A Dream Returned, flute, viola, cello, piano, 1997

Broken Reflections, pipa (lute from China), 1998

Spring Blossoms, 4 huqin (family of spike fiddles from China), 1999

Fosamiths, violin, piano, 1999

Moonlight Shadows, 4 huqin, 2000

Flower by the Window, 4 huqin, 2001

Visions of Earthstone, violin, cello, piano, 2002

Winds of Summer, 4 huqin, 2004

Open Trend, trumpet, 2004

Echoes of Fall, clarinet, gambus (lute from Southeast Asia), cello, marimba, 2006

Evening Lights, harp, 2007

Tembusu Evenings, cello, 2008

Last Dragonfly Dance, flute, harp, 2010

Light Dances, piano, percussion, 2013

Shoreline, 17-string koto (zither from Japan), 2013


Saeya, Saeya (text from a folksong from the Koreas), mixed chorus, 1999

Fisherman (text by Edwin Thumboo), female chorus, 1999

One (text by the composer), mixed chorus, 2002

Singapore Medley: Malay Folksongs, mixed chorus, 2002

Night (text by the composer), mixed chorus, 2003

Gloria, mixed chorus, 2004

Together (text by the composer), mixed chorus, 2007


Reminiscence, 1994

Prelude I, 1994

Prelude II, 1995

Still, 1996

Mobiles, 1997

My Desktop: Pieces for Children, 2010

Connections, 2014


Clouds Dancing, computer, 1996

Dreaming of Windows, computer, 1997

Deconstruction, computer, 1998