Jeffrey Holmes

(b. 1971, Los Angeles, California).

American composer of mostly orchestral, chamber and vocal works that have been performed in the Americas and elsewhere.

Mr. Holmes studied composition, improvisation and performance with Dušan Bogdanović at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he received his BMus in 1997, and studied composition privately with Ian Krouse from 1997–99. He studied composition with Donald Crockett at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles from 1999–2001 and earned his MA, then studied composition with Stephen Hartke and electroacoustic music with Frederick Lesemann there from 2001–04, where he earned his DMA with distinction.

Among his honours are the Hans J. Salter Prize from the University of Southern California (for Chamber Concerto) and First Prize in the competition for music for strings Milton Mohs. In addition, he was twice named Outstanding Graduate of the department of composition at the University of Southern California. His music has been performed in Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the USA.

He taught music theory at the University of Southern California from 2004–06 and has taught composition at Chapman University in Orange, California since 2006, where he is now associate professor.

His primary publisher is Éditions Doberman-Yppan.


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Sino al Niente, 1998

Tjur, large orchestra, 2002

Wave of Darkness, small orchestra (15 players), 2007

STRAUMR, large orchestra, 2011


Pastorale and Sonata, guitar, 1996

Four Preludes, guitar, 1997

String Quartet No. 1, 'Talus', 1997

Milagro, piano, ensemble (4 winds, 4 brass, 2 percussion), 1999

Pathos, violin, piano, 1999

Chamber Concerto, cello, 9 players, 2000

Horns of the Bull, oboe, 2001

Five Microtonal Studies, 2 guitars (tuned in sixths of tones), 2002

Epigram, 2 violins, 2 violas, double bass, 2002

Rays of Twilight, 2 harps (tuned in sixths of tones), 4 percussion, 2003

May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way... (double concerto), 2 guitars, ensemble (oboe, violin, celesta [+ piano], percussion), 2004

Stormbringer, percussion, 2004

Blue Sail, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 2005

Nocturnes, guitar, 2005

Crescent, cello, 2005

Oscularum Infame, violin, cello, piano, 2009

String Quartet No. 2, 'Kirurgi', 2009

Occasus, 4 percussion, 2010

Vallåt, flute, clarinet, violin, viola/percussion, cello, piano, 2011

Sjöorm, oboe/violin, viola, cello, 2012

Danzleikr (sonata), 2 guitars (tuned in sixths of tones), 2012

Nereus (sonata), marimba, 2012 (also version for harpsichord)

BARITUS, cello, 2013

HriðMóðrLjómi (concerto), guitar, ensemble (flute, French horn, harp, violin, cello, percussion), 2013

Draumr, guitar, 2013

Trilogy, 2006–14 (its eight sections may be performed separately: Nastrond [I], violin, percussion, 2006; Niflheim [I], oboe, piano, 2006; Nidhogg, oboe, violin, double bass, piano, percussion, 2007–08; Nastrond [II], guitar, violin, 2008; Nastrond [III], flute, guitar, 2009; Nastrond [IV], violin, percussion, 2013; Nastrond [V], flute, percussion, 2013; Niflheim [II], violin, piano, 2014)

Ymir, 4 guitars, 4 percussion, 2014

ÞrællThrall (concerto), piano, ensemble (flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, double bass), 2014


Requiem Æternam (text from the Requiem), soprano, male chorus, piano, ensemble (flute, oboe, French horn, 9 or more strings), 2001


Three Songs (text by Dylan Thomas), soprano, piano, 1998

Requiem Songs (text from the Requiem), soprano, piano, 2001

Images (text by the composer), soprano, piano, 2008

Fragments (texts from anonymous sources, compiled by the composer), soprano, piano, 2010

UrðarmánaMoon of Fate (monodrama, text by the composer), bass-baritone, piano, 2012


Oro Supplex, player piano, 2007

Cyan, 2007


Nereus (sonata), 2012 (version of work for marimba)