Houtaf Khoury

(b. 1967, Tripoli).

Lebanese composer of orchestral, chamber, vocal, and piano works that have been performed in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

Mr. Khoury studied piano privately with Michel Haddad in Tripoli from 1982–85 and composition, harmony and piano with Abdelhak El-Masri at the Académie de musique Iqbal in Tripoli from 1985–88. He then studied composition with Yuri Ischenko at the P. I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kiev from 1988–97, where he earned his MMus with distinction in 1993 and his PhD under the tutelage of Ivan A. Kotlyarevsky in 1997.

His music has been performed in Belarus, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK, and the USA.

He is also active in other positions. He served as artistic consultant to the Natsionalny Simfonichny Orkestr Ukraini from 1993–97 and as an assistant producer for the labels Marco Polo and Naxos Records from 1993–97. In addition, he has written the books Ocherki Simfonicheskova Tvorchestva v Muzykalnoy Zhizny LivanaLa Musique au Liban entre 19431945 (1997, P. I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine) and O Dvukh Stilevykh Tendentsiyakh v Livanskoy Simfonicheskoy MuzykeLes Deux Tendances Stylistiques dans la Musique Symphonique Libanaise (thesis, 1997, P. I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine).

He taught composition as an assistant to Yuri Ischenko at the P. I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine in 1994–95 and later taught composition and orchestration as a professor at the Conservatoire Libanais National Supérieur de Musique in Beirut from 1997–2000. Moreover, he gave guest lectures in Germany in 2002, on grants from the government of Germany and Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland.

He is married to the pianist Tatiana Primak Khoury.


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Concerto No. 1, viola, orchestra, 1993

Intermezzo, large orchestra, 1993

Concerto, basset horn, orchestra, 1995

Concerto, soprano saxophone (+ tenor saxophone), 6 percussion, string orchestra, 1995

Concerto da camera, piano, string orchestra, 1996

Land der Schatten (symphonic poem), small orchestra, 2002 (also version for orchestra, 2002)

Mirror of Eternity (concerto), flute, small orchestra (piano, timpani, darabukka [goblet drum from the Middle East], strings), 2002

Anthem of the University of Balamand, large orchestra, 2003

Sinfonia da Requiem (in memoriam those who died before and after 11 September 2001), large orchestra, 2003

Le Temps des rêves (concerto), clarinet, string orchestra, 2005

Concerto No. 2, viola, orchestra, 2005–06

Concerto, piano, orchestra, 2005–06


Five Preludes, guitar, 1988–90

Rondo, harp, 1990

Rhapsody, flute, piano, 1991

String Quartet No. 1, 1991

Monologue, French horn, piano, 1992

Sonata No. 1, cello, piano, 1992

Sonate-Poème, violin, piano, 1993

String Quartet No. 2, 1993

Trio, clarinet, viola, piano, 1996

Trio, flute, bassoon, piano, 1997

MetamorFrozen, viola, piano, 1999–2000

Lamenti, oboe, violin, viola, cello, 2001

Sonata No. 2, cello, piano, 2003

Malediction, violin, cello, piano, 2004–05

Après un rêve (sonata), flute, piano, 2005

L'Exil intérieur, violin, viola, cello, piano, 2005

Sonata, clarinet, piano, 2005–06


Ave Maria, soprano, piano, 1990

Romance (text by George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron [Russian translation]), soprano, piano, 1991

Stabat Mater, soprano, tenor, cello, piano, 1991–92

Cantata (text by Mahmoud Darwish), baritone, large orchestra, 1993

L'Étranger (text by Nadia Tuéni), soprano, piano, 2002


Meditation, 1990

Ten Variations on a Theme by Edvard Grieg, 1990

Three Preludes, 1990

Seven Variations on a Theme by Sergei Prokofiev, 1991

Six Nocturnes, 1986–92

Piece, 1993

Elegy, 1994

Sonata, 1996

Four Preludes, 2000–03


MetamorFrozen. Jacques Mayencourt, viola; Erika Kilcher, piano (arpeggio brioso: ARP 0521, 2004)

Sonata (piano). Tatiana Primak Khoury, piano (CD'tecque, 2004)

Land der Schatten (second version). Vyacheslav Blinov/NRCU Symphony Orchestra (Commusication [journal with CD], 2004)

Land der Schatten (original version). Kamel Salah Eldin/students of the festival Orient und Okzident (Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland/Bayer, 2004)

Mirror of Eternity. Wissam Boustany, flute; Volodymyr Sirenko/Natsionalny Simfonichny Orkestr Ukraini (Quartz: QTZ2015, 2005)