Goce Kolarovski

(b. 1959, Skopje).

North Macedonian composer of mostly orchestral, chamber and piano works that have been performed in Asia and Europe.

Prof. Kolarovski studied composition with Vlastimir Nikolovski and conducting with Fimco Muratovski at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, where he graduated in composition in 1984 and in conducting in 1992. He also studied composition with Sergei Slonimsky at the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory in Saint Petersburg in 1986–87.

His music has been performed in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Moldova, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, and Ukraine.

He has taught as a professor of analysis, composition, form, orchestration, and 20th-century music at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University since 1986. He co-founded an annual workshop for composers in Ohrid, North Macedonia in 1999 and has taught there since 1999.


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Concertino, piano, string orchestra, 1981

Symphonic Poem on a Biblical Text, 8 or more baritones, orchestra, 1985

Concerto, piano, orchestra, 1987

Raspevy (on a theme by St. John Kukuzelis), string orchestra, 1991 (also version for string quartet)

Concerto for Orchestra, 1992 (also version for 2 pianos)

Sorrow, string orchestra, 1994

With Prayers, 1998

1.3, string orchestra, 2001


Sonata, viola, piano, 1980

Fair Suite, string quartet, 1982

Three Preludes, violin, piano, 1986

Leningrad Sonata, violin, piano, 1988

Raspevy (on a theme by St. John Kukuzelis), string quartet, 1992 (version of work for string orchestra)

Tower Bell, 2 pianos, vibraphone, tubular bells, 1995

EzgiyaAlone, flute, 1997

Zurladziska, trumpet, piano, 2000


Broken Game, children's chorus, bass drum, any other instrument, 1982

Voices (cantata, text by T. S. Eliot [translated by Bogomil Gjuzel]), baritone, mixed chorus, orchestra, 1990


Will I Wake up Again (song-cycle, texts by Hristo Petreski, Andrei Voznesensky), voice, piano, 1989

Four Blinks of Spring (song-cycle, text by Matsuo Bashō), voice, piano, 2002


Free Variations, 1979

Sonatina, 1980

Sonata, 1984

Suite, 1984

Concerto for Orchestra, 2 pianos, 1992 (version of orchestral work)

Evening Bell Prelude, 1992