Marcin Łukaszewski

(b. 20 November 1972, Częstochowa).

Polish composer of mostly choral, vocal and piano works that have been performed in Europe and elsewhere; he is also active as a musicologist and pianist.

Mr. Łukaszewski is the son of the composer Wojciech Łukaszewski (b. 1936 – d. 1978). He is primarily self-taught as a composer, but had private lessons with Marian Borkowski and his brother Paweł Łukaszewski. He studied flute with Bogumiła Tęcza and piano with Zofia Miller at the High School of Music in Częstochowa from 1985–91. He also studied flute with Elżbieta Dastych-Szwarc at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw from 1989–91, where he also studied piano with Jan Ekier, Bronisława Kawalla and Edward Wolanin from 1991–96 and with Szábolcs Esztényi from 1996–98 and where he received diplomas in piano in 1998 and music theory in 2000.

Among his honours are Second Prize in the competition Feliks Nowowiejski in Warsaw (1996, for Prologue and Fugue), the award Fryderyk 2002 (2003, for the CD Piotr PerkowskiPiano Works) and the prize Mater Verbi (2003, for his writings on sacred music). His music has been performed in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and the USA.

As a musicologist, he has written more than 200 articles about 19th- and 20th-century music from Poland, including a book about his father, Wojciech Łukaszewski. Życie i twórczośćWojciech Łukaszewski. Life and Compositions (WSP Editions, 1997). He has contributed to reference books in Poland, including Kompozytorzy Polscy 19182000Polish Composers from 19182000 (2005, edited by Marek Podhajski, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music and Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk).

As a pianist, he has performed his own music and pieces by Johannes Brahms and Frédéric Chopin in Poland.

Mr. Łukaszewski is also active in other positions. He served as accompanist, co-répétiteur and secretary of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University Choir in Warsaw from 1991–2001 and as editor of the monthly journal Muzyka21 in Warsaw from 2001–03.

He has taught musicology and piano at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw since 1996.


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Fantasy, piano, small orchestra, 1989


Neoclassical Sonata, flute, piano, 2001


Three Sacred Works, 1993–95 (its sections may be performed separately: Agnus Dei, mixed chorus, 1993; Tantum ergo, mixed chorus, 1993; Pater noster, 2 mixed choruses, 1995)

Two Motets to the Virgin Mary, mixed chorus, 1995–96 (its sections may be performed separately: Sancta Maria, 1995; Sub tuum præsidium, 1996)

Two Christmas Carols (texts by Katarzyna Kozłowska, traditional sources from Poland), mixed chorus, 1996 (its sections may be performed separately: Narodził się Jezus Chrystus; Ziemio nieszczęsna)

Beloved Warsaw (text by Jan Lechoń), mixed chorus, 1996

In manus tuas, mixed chorus, organ, 1996

Hymnus de Spiritu Sancto (text from the hymn Veni Creator Spiritus), mixed chorus, 1997

Tre Pezzi sacri, mixed chorus, 1996–99 (its sections may be performed separately: Parce Domine, 1996; De Profundis, 1997; Ave Verum, 1999)

Four Christmas Carols, female chorus, 2001

Polish Weddings at the Jasna Góra Monastery (text by Stefan Wyszyński), mixed chorus, 2002


Songs to the Virgin Mary, 1996–99 (its two sections may be performed separately: Inviolata, soprano, organ, 1996; Ave Maria, soprano, piano, 1999)

Book of Proverbs (texts from proverbs in Latin), voice, piano, 1999


Études (15 studies), 1995–99

Miniatures, 1998–2003 (its two sections may be performed separately: Variations, 1998; Momenti espressioni, 2003)

Sonata I, 1998–2003

Sonata II, 'Megasonata', 2003


Prologue and Fugue, 1992

Suite in Honour of the Birth of Christ, 1999

24 Preludes, 2000

Miniatures, 1989–2001 (its three sections may be performed separately: Mother of God, 1989; Three Études, 1992; Patience, 2001)

DISCOGRAPHY (as pianist)

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Franciszek LesselPiano Works. (Acte Préalable: AP0024–26, 1999)

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