Dmitry Lybin

(b. 27 June 1963, Minsk).

Belarusian composer of mostly orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works that have been performed throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Lybin studied musicology with Iosif Ryzhkin at the Gnessin State Musical College in Moscow, where he graduated with his DMus in 1986, and composition with Dmitry Smolsky at the Belarusian State Academy of Music in Minsk, where he graduated in 1994.

Among his honours are a creative stipend from the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung in Munich and the friends of the festival Warszawska Jesień – Warsaw Autumn (2006, for the première of Provincial Symphony in Lviv) and a residency in Warsaw from the programme Gaude Polonia of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland (2008). His music has been performed in Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and the USA, including once at the ISCM World Music Days (1999, Bucharest/Chișinău).

He is also active in other positions. He co-founded with Sergey Beltiukov, Galina Gorelova (Halina Harelava), Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, Yevgeny Poplavsky (Yauhen Paplauski), and other composers the Belarusian Society for Contemporary Music in Minsk in 1990. He has served as its permanent secretary since 1991, served as its chairman from 2001–06 and has again served as its chairman since 2016.

He taught form, orchestration and score reading at the Belarusian State Academy of Music from 2001–10. He has given lectures in Belarus and Russia.


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SELECT LIST OF WORKS (dates unavailable for some works)


Concerto, violin, orchestra, 1994

From Kraków to Vienna, small orchestra (13 players), 2003

Provincial Symphony, string orchestra, 2003–06

Classic-Avant-Garde Symphony, small orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 French horns, trumpet, 2 percussion, strings), 2006

Ascent to Mozart, alphorn/French horn/natural horn, small orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, strings), 2006

Where the Pripyat Flows, orchestra of folk instruments from Belarus (flute, clarinet, 10–12 soprano tsymbaly [hammered dulcimers from Eastern Europe], 4–6 alto tsymbaly, 3 accordions, 2 percussion, bass guitar), 2008

Postscriptum, piano, small orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, timpani, strings), 2010

Not dead – only sleeping (Lullaby for Chopin), 2 pianos, string orchestra, 2010

The Legend of Beloozero (symphony in 3 parts), large orchestra, 2016–17

Breath of Autumn, accordion, string orchestra, 2017

Fraszka i Nokturn (Bagatella e Notturno) (musical joke on themes by Stanisław Moniuszko), small orchestra, 2019

Polka Leokadia (musical joke on themes by Stanisław Moniuszko), small orchestra, 2019

From Tales of the Vernal Wind, symphonic band

Music for the Town of Nesvizh, small orchestra (8 winds, 16 strings)


Sonata, violin, piano, 1984, revised 2006

Seven Small Fancies on a Theme of Glinka, flute, guitar, string quartet, 2003

La Maison avec un spectre, cello, 2003 (also version for cello, piano, 2012)

Ornament of the Polotsk Temple, tsymbaly, 2004

Dialogue about Tristan, English horn, baritone saxophone, 2005

Pas-de-sept (Hommage à Strawinski), flute, clarinet, trombone, violin/viola, cello, piano, percussion, 2006

Among beatings of the heart, English horn, prepared piano, 2007 (also version for clarinet, prepared piano, 2008)

Thawed-out rings, 6–8 percussion, 2008

Faces of the Constellations, violin, viola, cello, piano, 2009

From wintry evenings in Polesia, tsymbaly, 2010

Ancient Suite, flute/Baroque flute, harpsichord, 2010–11

Sotto voce, clarinet, prepared piano, 2014

Letters on the Bells, flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, tubular bells, 2018–19

Brought to the Coast, flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, cello, piano, percussion

Lament with Cradle Song, bass saxophone (also version for violin)

Last Procession, trumpet, 2 pianos, 2 percussion, fixed media

Nostalgic Elegy, violin, piano

Reflection of the Sun in the Water, flute, piano, temple block


Belarusian Songs (texts from folksongs from Belarus, folk texts from Belarus), mixed chorus, 1987, revised 2020

Lokomotywa (text by Julian Tuwim), mixed chorus, piano, percussion, 2015

Canticum Solemnis (text by Natallia Arsiennieva), mixed chorus, 2018

Alleluia (text from Psalm 148 [Belarusian translation]), mixed chorus, 2021

Lost Strophes (cantata, text by Fyodor Tyutchev), soprano, alto, baritone, speaker, mixed chorus, orchestra

Prayers (text by Alexander Blok), mixed chorus, celesta, 2 percussion


Recollection of the Motherland (text by Maksim Bahdanovič), voice, piano, 1988–89 (also version for soprano/tenor, ocarina, tsymbaly, piano, percussion, 2003)

Six Poems of Alexander Pushkin (text by Alexander Pushkin), mezzo-soprano/baritone, piano, 2003–04

Russian Landscapes (texts by Apollon Maykov, Sergey Gorodetsky, Don Aminado), mezzo-soprano/baritone, piano, 2003–04

Two Poems of Vladimir Solovyov (text by Vladimir Solovyov), soprano, piano, 2004–05

Harmful Advice (text by Grigoriy Oster), soprano/baritone, speaker, small orchestra (15 players), 2012

From English and Scottish Poetry (song-cycle, texts by George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, Robert Burns, William Shakespeare [all translated by Samuil Marshak]), soprano/baritone, piano, 2013

Psalm IX (text from Psalm 9), 2 children's voices, oboe, 2 tubas, organ, percussion

Romantic Serenades (text by Afanasy Fet), bass-baritone, piano

Songs of Dusk and Dawn (text by Alexander Blok), soprano/tenor, piano


Six Pieces for Children (collection of 3 pieces for piano, 3 pieces for piano 4 hands), 2005

Echo of Belarusian Songs, prepared piano

Four Pieces

Italian Reminiscences of Sergei Prokofiev

Little Suite, piano (+ handbells)

Toccata e Fuga on a Theme of Béla Bartók


Eastern Fancy on a Falsobordone of Antonio de Cabezón, 2007

To a source returning... (Christmas toccata)


Pieces and Ensembles for Children, 2004–05 (its six sections may be performed separately: Organ-Grinder in the Rain, piano; Birds in the Fog, piano; Sentimental Waltz, piano; Very Sentimental Waltz, piano 4 hands; Jazz Lost the Way, whistle, piano 4 hands; Kupalskaya – Belarusian Summer Folksong, piano 4 hands, handbell)