Jon Øivind Ness

(b. 1968, Bærum).

Norwegian composer of mostly orchestral, chamber and piano works that have been performed throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Ness attempted various instruments as a child, including clarinet, guitar, recorder, and violin. He later studied guitar with Jan Birger Danielsen at the Norges musikkhøgskole – Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo in 1987–88, where he then studied composition with Bjørn Kruse, Ragnar Søderlind, Olav Anton Thommessen, and Lasse Thoresen from 1989–95.

His music has been performed in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.





Schatten, small orchestra (23 players), 1992

Dandy Garbage, small orchestra (27 players), 1993

Yaws, large orchestra, 1996

Cascading Ordure, 1997

The Dangerous Kitten, trombone, small orchestra (17 players), 1998

TORN (Zorn Zorn Zorn), large orchestra, 1999

Infected, small orchestra (17 players), 1999

Loud and Annoying, clarinet, percussion, large orchestra, 2000

One Tooth Clapping, small orchestra (16 players), 2001

Tics and Tiffs, symphonic band, 2001

Wet Blubber Soup, cello, large orchestra, 2002

George gets a make-over (Misreadings of Gershwin), large orchestra, 2002

Mad Cap Tootling, violin, small orchestra (16 players), 2003

Tulip Smacking, small orchestra (16 players), 2003

Gist, 3 percussion, symphonic band, 2004

Bad News from the Desert (Deep Pain of the Dung Beetle), clarinet, military band, 2004 (also version as Good News from Odessa, clarinet [collaboration with Rolf Borch])

Tchaikovsky Tag, large orchestra, 2004

Bury My Heart at Katnosa, electric guitar, large orchestra, 2005

Stains of Time, oboe, small orchestra, 2005

Fierce Kentucky Mothers of Doom, 2 small orchestras, 2005 (also version for 2 trombones, 2 small orchestras, 2006)

Dog Days, amplified bassoon, symphonic band, 2006

Owl Parrot's Yowl, euphonium, small orchestra, 2007

Low Jive, large orchestra, 2007

Sunburst, piano, large orchestra, 2007

Snowblind, viola, small orchestra, 2008

Zvezdochka in Orbit, cello, symphonic band, 2009

Civet Skin Smack, small orchestra, fixed media, 2009

Stim, symphonic band in 4 groups, 2009


Trio, violin, cello, piano, 1994

Interrupted Cycles, flute, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano, percussion, 1996

Wedding Music, oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 French horns, trumpet, 2 trombones, 1997

Phylloxera [fy–]: se vinlus, 4 saxophones, 1998

sul K: eclectic/euphoric paraphrases in memoriam Billy Mackenzie, string quartet, 1998

1-2-3 Happy Happy Happy!, piano, ensemble (flute [+ piccolo], oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 violins, viola, cello, percussion), 1998

Charm, string quartet, 1998

Strain, clarinet, 1998

Darey Tilih!, string quartet, 1998

Straying, trombone, 1998

Dead Kitten in the Trash, violin, piano, 1999

od nu po, violin, cello, 1999

Aztec Snap, string quartet, 2000

Homer's Groove, piano, string quartet, 2000

Donkey Shot, piano, ensemble (flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass), 2000

Spoof spiral 1, clarinet, 2001

Spoof spiral 2, accordion, string quartet, 2001

Beware of Darkness, string quartet, 2002

Tortuous, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 French horns, 2002

Gawky Jabber, French horn, violin, piano, 2003

Iffy Daffadowndilly, violin, cello, piano, 2004

You Got the Sliver, 4 saxophones, 2005

Gust, viola, double bass, 2006

Slow Dive, guitar, violin, 2007

Good News from Odessa, clarinet, 2007 (collaboration with Rolf Borch; version of Bad News from the Desert [Deep Pain of the Dung Beetle])

Lød, 2 guitars, 2007

Luscious Gall, oboe, violin, viola, cello, 2009

Snotolf en Bonte Lipvis, clarinet, piano, 2009


Turquoise (text from nonsense syllables), soprano, clarinet, trombone, viola, double bass, 2002

T-t-trouble in Uruk: A Pilot Opera (text from nonsense syllables), 2 sopranos, bass-baritone, clarinet, trombone, violin, viola, double bass, piano, percussion, 2003

Ibsens Smårips, female voice, small orchestra, 2006

The Hole Story, voice, clarinet, cello, 2009


Residue, 1997

#8# (funny funny me), 1998

Dandy Garbage (Version 2.1), 1999

uGsUeMd, 2000

OOZE, 2000

Dregs, 2005


Half-Pint Pygmy, 2001 (animation; Tex Avery)


Schatten. Christian Eggen/Trondheim Symfoniorkester (Aurora: ACD4975)

The Dangerous Kitten; Schatten; Charm; Interrupted Cycles; Dandy Garbage. Sverre Riise, trombone; Christian Eggen/Cikada Ensemble, Oslo Sinfonietta, Trondheim Symfoniorkester (Aurora: ACD5012)

1-2-3 Happy Happy Happy! Stavanger Samtidsensemble (Aurora: ACD5023)

Aztec Snap; Darey Tilih! Ametri Strykekvartett (Aurora: ACD5025)

Wedding Music. Thomas Rimul/Ensemble Ernst (Euridice: EUCD 20)

Phylloxera [fy–]: se vinlus. Saxofon Concentus (Simax Classics: PSC1200)

od nu po. Kyberia (Simax Classics: PSC1212)