Robert Normandeau

(b. 11 March 1955, Québec, Québec).

Canadian composer of mostly stage and electroacoustic works that have been performed throughout the world.

Prof. Normandeau earned his BMus in electroacoustic music at the Université Laval in Québec, Québec in 1984. He later studied with Marcelle Deschênes and Francis Dhomont at the Université de Montréal, where he earned his MMus in composition in 1988 and DMus in electroacoustic composition in 1992.

Among his honours are prizes in the Concours International de Musique Électroacoustique de Bourges (1986, 1988, 1993), the Prix Phonurgia Nova in Arles (1987–88), prizes in the competition Luigi Russolo in Varese (1989–90), the Prix International Noroit-Léonce Petitot in Arras (1991, 1994), a prize in the competition in Stockholm (1992), two prizes from the Prix Ars Electronica in Linz (1993; Golden Nica, 1996), prizes in the competition Musica Nova in Prague (1994–95, 1998), two Prix Opus from the Conseil québécois de la musique in Montréal (Compositeur de l'année, 2000; Disque de l'année – musiques actuelle, contemporaine, électroacoustique, 2000), a prize in the competition for sacred music in Fribourg (2002), the Masque for theatre music from the Académie québécoise du théâtre (2002, for Malina), and the Produktionspreis of the Giga-Hertz-Preis für elektronische Musik in Karlsruhe (2010).

He is also active in other positions. He was as a member of the Association pour la création et la recherche électroacoustique du Québec (ACREQ) from 1986–93, for which he produced the concert series Clair de terre at the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan in Montréal. He co-founded the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) in 1987 and co-founded the concert society for acousmatic music Réseaux in 1991, which has produced the concert series Rien à voir since 1997.

He has taught as an associate professor of electroacoustic-music composition at the Université de Montréal since 1999.





Roberto Zucco (incidental music, play by Bernard-Marie Koltès), fixed media, 1993 (collaboration with Denis Gougeon)

Krapp's Last Tape and Not I (incidental music, plays by Samuel Beckett), fixed media, 1994

Merz variétés (incidental music, play by Kurt Schwitters), fixed media, 1995

Quartett (incidental music, play by Heiner Müller), fixed media, 1996

Le Pont de pierres et la Peau d'images (incidental music, play by Daniel Danis), fixed media, 1996

Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur (incidental music, play by Molière), fixed media, 1997

Nathan der Weise (incidental music, play by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing), fixed media, 1997 (collaboration with Denis Gougeon)

The Crucible (incidental music, play by Arthur Miller), fixed media, 1998

Malina (incidental music, play by Brigitte Haentjens, after Ingeborg Bachmann), fixed media, 2000

Electra (incidental music, play by Sophocles), fixed media, 2000

Fröken JulieMiss Julie (incidental music, play by August Strindberg), fixed media, 2001

Die Hamletmaschine (incidental music, play by Heiner Müller), fixed media, 2001 (also concert versions as Hamlet-Machine with Actors, fixed media; Hamlet-Machine without Actors, fixed media)

Credo (incidental music, play by Enzo Cormann), fixed media, 2001

Antigone (incidental music, play by Sophocles), fixed media, 2002

L'Éden Cinéma (incidental music, play by Marguerite Duras), fixed media, 2003 (also concert version as Éden, fixed media)

Elle est là (incidental music, play by Nathalie Sarraute), fixed media, 2003

Farces conjugales (incidental music, play by Brigitte Haentjens, after Georges Feydeau), fixed media, 2003

Érinyes pour Lucie (dance music, choreography by Lucie Grégoire), fixed media, 2005

Medeamaterial (incidental music, play by Heiner Müller), fixed media, 2005


L'Envers du temps, guitar, fixed media, 1998–2000

Jeu blanc, flute, fixed media, 2001

La Huppe, recorder, fixed media, live electronics, 2011 (collaboration with Terri Hron)


Baobabs, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, 6 percussion, fixed media, 2013


Figures de rhétorique, piano, fixed media, 1997


Le Cap de la tourmente, fixed media, 1984–85

La Chambre blanche, fixed media, 1985–86, revised 2007

Matrechka, fixed media, 1986

Reliqua Terræ (sound installation), fixed media, 1986

Rumeurs (Place de Ransbeck), fixed media, 1987

Jeu, fixed media, 1988

Mémoires vives, fixed media, 1989

Bédé, fixed media, 1990

Éclats de voix, fixed media, 1991

Tropes, fixed media, 1991

Tangram, fixed media, 1992

Spleen, fixed media, 1993

Le Renard et la Rose, fixed media, 1995

Chat noir, fixed media, 1995

Ellipse, fixed media, 1998

Venture, fixed media, 1998

Clair de terre, fixed media, 1999, revised 2009

Printemps du Québec (sound installation), fixed media, 1999

The Flautist, fixed media, 2001

Érinyes, fixed media, 2001

Chorus, fixed media, 2002

Strin(G/D)berg, fixed media, 2001–03

Éden, fixed media, 2003 (concert version of L'Éden Cinéma)

Hamlet-Machine with Actors, fixed media, 2003 (concert version of Die Hamletmaschine)

Puzzle, fixed media, 2003

Palimpseste, fixed media, 2005, revised 2011

Kuppel, fixed media, 2005–06, revised 2010

Palindrome, fixed media, 2005–07

Murmures, fixed media, 2007, revised 2011

Jeu de langues, fixed media, 2009

Anadliad, fixed media, 2010

Like Radio, fixed media, 2010

La Part des anges, fixed media, 2011–12

Pluies noires, fixed media, 2008–13

L'Engloutissement, fixed media, 2013

Hamlet-Machine without Actors, fixed media, 2013 (concert version of Die Hamletmaschine)


Le Petit Prince (text by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), fixed media, 1994

Duo pour voix obstinées (text by Maryse Pelletier), fixed media, 1995

Monitoring pour une planète bleue (texts by Jacques Godbout, Florian Sauvageau), fixed media, 1996


Georges Dyens, de la sculpture à l'holosculpture, fixed media, 1985 (Yves Racicot)

Sur le seuil, fixed media, 2002 (Éric Tessier)


Musique holographique, sound holosculptures, 1984–85


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