Aleksandar Perunović

(b. 1978, Nikšić).

Montenegrin composer of mostly orchestral, chamber and choral works that have been performed in Europe.

Mr. Perunović studied composition with Vojin Komadina at the Muzička Akademija Univerziteta Crne Gore – University of Montenegro Music Academy in Podgorica from 1994–97, where he also studied composition with Konstantin Babić in 1997 and composition with Žarko Mirković from 1997–2003. He then had postgraduate studies in composition with Žarko Mirković there from 2003–08.

His music has been performed in Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Ukraine, including a portrait concert in Cetinje (2008).

He taught musical forms as an assistant to Manja Radulović-Vulić at the Muzička Akademija Univerziteta Crne Gore in Cetinje from 2003–07. He has taught arranging and counterpoint as an assistant to Senad Gačević there since 2003, as well as musical forms since 2007.


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Pasakalja i fugaPassacaglia and Fugue, string orchestra, 1997

Musica per archi, 15 or more strings, 1999

Music for my dear Oboe, oboe, 15 or more strings, 2001

Psychopathia, large orchestra (13 winds, 14 brass, harp, piano, celesta, 5 percussion, strings), 2002

On a Death, harpsichord, string orchestra, 2006


Mini-svitaMini-Suite, violin, viola, cello, 1996

Queen, violin, viola, cello, double bass, 2001

3XMDistortion, viola, piano, 2002

I came to Reichenau, oboe, soprano saxophone, trumpet, harp, 2003

Concertino, violin, 2004

Four trumpets, 4 B-flat trumpets, 2004

Record, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor-bass trombone, violin, viola, cello, 2005

Over the Glasses, flute, oboe, piano, accordion, 2005

Start the Dance, flute (+ piccolo), clarinet (+ bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, 2 percussion, 2006


Jadna dragaPoor Darling (text by Branko Radičević), soprano, male speaker, 4 mixed voices, flute, violin, 2 pianos, 1995

Dvije stihireTwo Stichera (spiritual concerto, text from liturgy in Serbian), 2 mixed choruses (5 voices each), 1997

MolitvaPrayer (text by Jovan Dučić), 6 mixed voices, 1998

Emina (text by Aleksa Šantić), 4 female voices, 1998

All right (text by Aleksandar Bečanović), 4 mixed voices, 2004

Stabat Mater, 8 mixed voices, 2007

Simfonija br. 2, 'Rekvijem za kazani svijet' – Symphony No. 2, 'Requiem for the Spoken World' (text by Balša Brković), 4 mixed voices, large orchestra (13 winds, 11 brass, 2 harps, piano, 2 timpani, 3 percussion, strings), 2008


PodneNoon (chamber poem, text by Jovan Dučić), alto, tenor, flute, cello, piano, 1996

Hommage à Philip Glass (vocalise), soprano, flute, 2006


Sonata in F, 1997

Svjat, svjat, svjatHoly, holy, holy, 2 pianos, 2001