Maurizio Pisati

(b. 1959, Milan).

Italian composer of mostly stage, chamber and multimedia works that have been performed in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Prof. Pisati studied analysis, composition, counterpoint, harmony, and music history with Adriano Guarnieri and Giacomo Manzoni at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, where he graduated with high honours. He also attended masterclasses with Salvatore Sciarrino in Città di Castello and graduated in guitar in Milan.

Among his honours are prizes in the competition Valentino Bucchi in Rome (1983), the competition for music for string quartet Gino Contilli in Messina (1983), the competition Bertolt Brecht in Milan (1985), the competition of the Internationale Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Amsterdam (1986), the competition ICONS in Turin (1986), and the competition Goffredo Petrassi in Parma (1989). He has also received a fellowship from the Stiftung BINZ39 in Zürich (1987), the Stipendienpreis at the Ferienkurse in Darmstadt (1992) and the Uchida Fellowship from the Japan Foundation in Tōkyō (1999).

He is also active in other positions. As an electric guitarist, he was most active from 1983–89, during which time he founded and played in the Laboratorio Trio. He later founded the ensemble for contemporary music ZONE, in which he plays electric guitar. In addition, he founded the label LArecords in 1997.

He taught as a professor of composition at the Conservatorio Agostino Steffani in Castelfranco Veneto from 1988–2005 and has taught at the Conservatorio Giovanni Battista Martini in Bologna since 2005.

His publisher is Casa Ricordi.


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Umbra (music-theatre work, text by Marina Tsvetaeva), ensemble, fixed media, live electronics, 1988

Ermengarda (music-theatre work), 1989

TAXI! (music-theatre work), ensemble, fixed media, live electronics, 1995

L'Autore a chi legge, female actor, MIDI-electric guitar, percussion, live electronics, 1998

STOCK ZONE-TakuHon (music-theatre work), cello, percussion, string orchestra, fixed media, slide projections, 1999

Il Copiafavole-ZONE (music-theatre work), photocopiers, ensemble, audiovisual circuit, 2001


70mV, 1989

FUEYE, symphonic band, 1997

Senti?, guitar, string orchestra, 1999

, cos'è?, percussion, string orchestra, 2003

Microbolero, 2006


Sette Studi, guitar, 1990

Ö, tenor saxophone, trombone, 1991

Ab sofort, flute, piano, 1991

FFA, tenor recorder, flute, harp, 1993

The Running Quartet, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, 1994

7, piano, percussion, live electronics, 1994

S, tenor saxophone, fixed media, live electronics, 1995

ZONE I, flute, MIDI-electric guitar, live electronics, 1995

HACK, flute, percussion, 1996

ShiKaShi, 2 recorders, percussion, live electronics, 1997

SaxStories, 4 saxophones, 1998

ZONE-Alp, flute, guitar, 1998

TEI, 13-string koto (zither from Japan), piano, 2000

Samblana, saxophone, guitar, 2000

CATVLLVS, lute, archlute, percussion, live electronics, 2000

SpiegelKontaktFabrik, oboe (+ didgeridoo [wind instrument from Australia]), fixed media, live electronics, 2000 (also version for electric guitar, fixed media, live electronics, 2004)

Tamatebako, percussion, 2001

PURPLE H (The Jimi Hendrix Reflections), ensemble, fixed media, live electronics, 2001

ZONEpopTRAIN, electric guitar, piano, percussion, string quartet, 2003

Passacaglia mit Albert, recorders (1 player), percussion, fixed media, live electronics, 2005

The Running Duo, tenor recorder, contrabass recorder, live electronics, 2005


ZONE II, any voice, percussion, live electronics, 1995

Ricorda i Giochi, female voice, flute, MIDI-electric guitar, cymbals, live electronics, 1999

QUESTIO (text by Thor Vilhjálmsson), male speaker, trumpet, percussion, fixed media, 2006


San Moku Sen Gan, ensemble, fixed media, film, 1996

ZONE-Franche (city-wide happening, Padua), cello, piano, bells, fixed media, live electronics, 1996

ZONE II Suite, ensemble, fixed media, film, 1997

ZONE-d'Amore, any voice, MIDI-electric guitar, percussion, film (by Marcel L'Herbier), 1998

La Stanza degli Indizi Terrestri (texts by Marina Tsvetaeva, Leonardo da Vinci), ensemble, fixed media, film (by Marcos Jorge), 1998

3HATSconcert, any voice, MIDI-electric guitar, percussion, film, 1998

For a Theatre of Dawn, ensemble, live electronics, film (by Max Bertolai), 2006


Children's War Questions, 2005 (Max Bertolai)


Vormittagsspuk, recorder, guitar, 1997 (for Vormittagsspuk by Hans Richter)


ZONE-Tarkus (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), electric guitar, piano, percussion, string quartet, 2003 (collaboration with Keith Emerson)


Ab sofort. Duo Zurria–Pizzo (Edi.Pan International Music, 1992)

FFA. Alter Ego (BMG/Ariola, 1993)

The Running Quartet. Ensemble Contrechamps (BMG Ricordi/Fonit Cetra, 1994)

S. Federico Mondelci, tenor saxophone (BMG Ricordi, 1995)

TAXI! ZONE (LArecords, 1997)

Il Copiafavole-ZONE. ZONE (LArecords, 1998)

Ricorda i Giochi. ZONE (LArecords, 1999)

SpiegelKontaktFabrik (original version). Michelangelo Rinaldi, oboe, didgeridoo (Ars Publica, 2001)

SpiegelKontaktFabrik (second version). Elena Càsoli, electric guitar (Stradivarius, 2004)

ZONE-Tarkus (Emerson, Lake & Palmer). Yoichi Sugiyama/Elena Càsoli, electric guitar; Aki Kuroda, piano; Maurizio Ben Omar, percussion; Quartetto Prometeo (Victor Japan, 2004)

The Running Duo. Duo Recordronik (Cavalli Records, 2006)