Rafet Rudi

(b. 1949, Mitrovica).

Kosovar composer of mostly orchestral, chamber, choral, and vocal works that have been performed in Europe.

Prof. Rudi initially studied at a music high school in Prishtina, then studied composition and conducting with Predrag Milošević at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, where he graduated in composition in 1973 and in conducting in 1974. He then had postgraduate studies with Vojin Komadina in Sarajevo, where he earned his master's degree, and studied composition with Claude Ballif in Paris for one year.

Among his honours are First Prize at the BEMUS Festival in Belgrade (1974, for Simfonia në dy blloqe – Symphony in Two Blocks), two prizes from the Composers Society of Kosovo (Annual Award, 1978, for Rrojtja – Living; First Prize, 1989, in the vocal–instrumental category), two prizes from Radio Television Prishtina (RTP) (First Prize, 1979, for Metamorphosis; First Prize, 1988, for Unwithered Flower), First Prize at a festival for vocal music in Tiranë (1993, for Return), four prizes from the Ministry of Culture of Kosovo in Prishtina (First Prize in the annual competition, 2011, for Laudate Dominum; First Prize in the annual competition, 2012, for Fantasia Concertante; First Prize in the annual competition, 2013, for Quartet; Niketë Dardani Prize, 2021, for his œuvre), and membership in the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. His music has been performed in Albania, Croatia, France, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the UK.

He is also active in other positions. He has written many articles and books on criticism and musical pedagogy, with several essays collected in the theoretical book Sprova estetike – Aesthetic Essay (2002, Dukagjini). He founded the orchestra of RTP and served as its first conductor. He later conducted the choir of RTP from 1980–87 and has served as permanent conductor of its successor, the Kosovo Philharmonic Choir, since 2006. He founded the Kosovar Centre for New Music in Prishtina in 1999 and has served as its director since 1999. He founded the festival for contemporary music ReMusica in Prishtina in 2002.

He has lectured on musical form at the Universiteti i Prishtinës in Prishtina since 1976.


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Simfonia në dy blloqe, 1974

Kohë koncertante, 1975

Symphonic Rondo, 1977

Metamorfoza, flute, string orchestra, 1977

Rrojtja, guitar, string orchestra, 1978, revised 1982

Concerto, guitar, string orchestra, 1986

Dialog koncertant, flute, orchestra, 2010


Sonata for Violin and Piano, violin, piano, 1970

Variazioni, clarinet, violin, piano, 1971

Kuartet Harqesh, string quartet, 1972

Meditime – Meditations, flute, piano, 1977

Petite Suite, violin, piano, 1981

Sonata, guitar, 1984

Fantasia in si, violin, piano, 1985

Prélude et Étude, guitar, 1992

Këmbanat Arbëreshe, clarinet, fixed media, 1996

Étude, percussion, 1997

Chansons et Danses, guitar, 1998

Dialogjet e humbura, flute, violin, viola, cello, fixed media, 2000

Five Sketches, cello, 2001

Rêve nostalgique, violin, fixed media, 2003

Song of Tana, clarinet, piano, 2005

Quintet, 'Antigoneon', flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, piano, 2005

Un Souffle de chagrin, 4 saxophones, 2008

Quartet, flute, E-flat clarinet, clarinet, bassoon, 2010


Lagja e varfun, mixed chorus, 1968

Star, mixed chorus, 1969

Udhëtimi sonor – Aural Travel, mixed chorus, 1969

Fli Vellaqko, children's chorus, 1977

Gjyshja, children's chorus, 1977

Gëzoni, children's chorus, 1977

Këngë punëtorësh, children's chorus, 1977

Pasaporta e dacit, children's chorus, 1978

Një tokë, një kokë – One Land, One Head, children's chorus, 1978

Zogu I diellit, soprano, mixed chorus, 2 French horns, 2 trombones, double bass, piano, timpani, percussion, 1981

Harabeli, children's chorus, 1982

Kur buzëqesh nëna ime, children's chorus, 1982

Karkaleci, children's chorus, 1982

Varri i pionerit trim, children's chorus, 1983

Dy kunata – Two Sisters-in-Law, mixed chorus, 1983

Flijimi, soloist, mixed chorus, 2 recorders, 3 folk flutes, double bass, organ, timpani, tam-tam, 1983

Kënga e pionerit trim, children's chorus, 1984

ABC, tenor, mixed chorus, piano, organ, 1984

Icare ubi es, soprano, mixed chorus, double bass, piano, timpani, tam-tam, 1987

Aksionistët, mixed chorus, piano, 1989

Afresku Arbëresh, soloist, 8 mixed voices, piano 4 hands, organ, fixed media, 1992

Luante si qengj, children's chorus, 1992

O zemra ime ku vate, soloist, mixed chorus, 1993

Gurgullimë, mixed chorus, fixed media, 2000

Agnus Dei, mixed chorus, 2007

Malli i udhëtarit të humbur, soprano, mezzo-soprano, speaker, mixed chorus, piano 4 hands, fixed media, 2008

Humoreska, mixed chorus, electric piano, marimba, 2008

Kurr më s'do marrësh udhët e kurbetit, soloist, mixed chorus, 2008

Laudate Dominum, soloist, mixed chorus, 2 pianos, percussion, 2011

Fantasia koncertante, mixed chorus, violin, 2012


Kthimi, mezzo-soprano, piano, 1993

Arbëresh Song, soprano, piano, 2011


Suite, 1969

Prishtina Blues, 2001

Le Tombeau oublié, 2007

Etydë nr. 2, 2008