Edward Schocker

(b. 1971, Detroit, Michigan).

American composer of stage, orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and electroacoustic works that have been performed in Asia, Europe and North America.

Mr. Schocker studied composition with James Hartway and piano with Rob Conway at Wayne State University in Detroit from 1993–96 and composition with Alvin Curran at Mills College in Oakland, California in 1997–98 and with Pauline Oliveros there from 1997–2000. He also studied composition privately with Paul Barker in London in 1996 and twice attended the Dartington International Summer School, where he studied gamelan and tunings with Lou Harrison in 1996 and film scoring with Daryl Runswick in 1998.

Among his honours are the Gil Sirotti Memorial Scholarship (1996), two Mills Residence awards (1997, 1999), the Hattie M. Strong Foundation Fellowship (1999), an ASCAP Plus Award (2002–05), the United States of America Federal Assistance Award (2004), and the JUSFC/NEA Creative Artist Exchange Fellowship (2006, for a residency and research in Japan). His music has been performed in Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Taiwan, the UK, and the USA.

He is also active in other positions. He co-founded the Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival in 1998 and has served as its director since 1998. He served as composer-in-residence to the European Dance Development Centre in Düsseldorf in 2000–01 and the St. Ignatius Church in San Francisco in 2002. His writings include the book Just Intonation for Nonfixed-Pitch Instruments, Vol. 1: Trombone (1999–2000, self-published).


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Twenty + 4 (opera/music-theatre work, libretto by Judy Halebsky), 5 mixed voices, 5 dancers, 5 electric guitars, 1997–98

Banana Seat Low Rider (text by Judy Halebsky), mixed chorus, dancer, trombone, 1998

Since They Forced Me (UP ON AN ELEPHANT'S-BACK), dancer, musical glasses (1 player), 1999

The Stones I Threw Yesterday, mixed chorus, dancer, made instruments (3 players), 1999

Obong-san, voice, dancer, musical glasses (1 player), 1999

Sous le sable, dancer, flute, musical glasses (1 player), 2000

Eve, dancers, made/found instruments (4 players), 2000

Mudwings, 3 performance artists, fixed media, 2001

Sessantadue, performance artist, fixed media, 2001

The Big Bang (text by Judy Halebsky), mixed chorus, made instruments (2 players), 2003

Wind Dharma 1, musical glasses (1 player), live text-images (by Judy Halebsky), 2003


Tapestry, 6 percussion, string orchestra, 1995

Suling Manus, suling (bamboo flute from Southeast Asia), gamelan, 1996

Kusu Mastra, gamelan, 1997

The End of Certainty, percussion, string orchestra, 1996–98

Global Symphony, 18 ensembles (variable total number of players), 1998

The Hill, string orchestra, 1998

Untuk Sahabat Tercinta (in memoriam Bill Colvig), gamelan, 1999


Marimba Music, marimba, 1994

Dissension, French horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, 1995

1971, any 7 players, 1996

Fish Wife, any 8 players, 1996

WEN, 2 violins, 1996–97

GRO, flute, viola, 1997

POO: 32 variations on a theme of Andrew Lloyd Webber, any player, 1997

ONE, any 2 strings, 1997

TAP, 2 percussion, 1997

et cetEra, 2 electric guitars, 1997

Are, viola, 1997

I have Five Things to Say, made instruments (6 players), 1998

MEG, soprano saxophone, trombone, piano, accordion, 1999

Spots 16, bass clarinet, 1999

Litosts, bass clarinet, trombone, 1999

Après la pluie..., cello, 1999

FOUR, any 4 players, 1999

Volcano, trombone, fixed media, 1999

Renewable Energy, clarinet, trombone, violin, viola, piano, percussion, 2000

Death of an Optimist, made/found instruments (4 players), 2000

Rustbelt, made/found instruments (4 players), 2001

Dodecachordon IVI, any number of electric guitars (with e-bows), 2001–02

Sleeping Dream, made/found instruments (2 players), 2002

Shared Echoes, made/found instruments (any number of players), 2004

Tuesday, March 14, 2002, violin, cello, piano, 2005

Netori 14, 2 electric guitars (with e-bows), 2006

Hymn for Lou and Bill, any 2 players, 2006


Beatus Vir, soprano, baritone, mixed chorus, flute, 1995

Kyrie, mixed chorus, 1995

For Tonight I am Blind (text by Jennifer Jurewicz), mixed chorus, 1995

Ave Maria, tenor, mixed chorus, 1995

Psalm 62, bass, mixed chorus, organ, 1996

Ave Verum Corpus, mixed chorus, oboe, bassoon, 1996

Salve Regina, mixed chorus, 2001

Ave Regina, mixed chorus, 2001

Take, Lord, and Receive (text by St. Ignatius of Loyola), mixed chorus, 2002

Vox Clamantis, mixed chorus, 2002

Long, Too Long, America (text by Walt Whitman), mixed chorus, 2005


The Lamb (text by William Blake), soprano, 1995

Salvator Mundi, baritone, 1996

Tintinnabuli (vocalise), soprano/tenor, alto/bass, flute, oboe, string orchestra, 1996

Ethel's 7 Percent (text by Janet Holgrum), voice, 2 typewriters, 1998

Festival (text by Max Ernst), soprano/tenor, alto/bass, 1998


For Jenn, 1995

Aptos, prepared piano, 1997

One Hundred Years of Solitude, 1999


Technology is Good, fixed media, 1998

Berührungspunkte, fixed media, 1999

Blesch, fixed media, 2000

Wind Dharma 2, fixed media, 2004


Triptych (text by Judy Halebsky), voice, dancer, guitar, slide projections, 1997

Within the Walls, dancer, fixed media, film (by Ching-fang Chiang), 2001–02


Phantom (Sergei Prokofiev), orchestra, 1995

Metamorphosis (Philip Glass), orchestra, 1995

Choral (Béla Bartók), small orchestra, 1997

Spiegel im Spiegel (Arvo Pärt), guitar, 1997