Eric Schwartz

(b. 1976, Plainfield, New Jersey).

American composer of mostly chamber and vocal works that have been performed in North America; he is also active as a pianist.

Mr. Schwartz studied composition with Margaret Brouwer and Donald Erb at the Cleveland Institute of Music, where he earned his BMus in 1999, and with Marc Consoli and Justin Dello Joio at New York University, where he earned his MA in 2002. He also studied with Sydney Hodkinson and George Tsontakis at the Aspen Music Festival and School in Colorado in 1998.

As a pianist, he regularly accompanies modern dance classes and performs with the new music ensemble Forecast Music, which he co-founded in 2002. He has since served as its composer-in-residence.

He has taught music theory at New York University since 2002.


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Emerald, string orchestra, 1996

Brouhaha!, 1997

Of or Pertaining..., small orchestra, 1998

The Witching Hour, 1998


Clouds and Warfare, alto saxophone, 1994

String Quartet No. 1, 1994–95

Cathedral, French horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, 1995

Minimalist Funk Study No. 1, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, 1995, revised 1997

A Taoist Meditation, clarinet, cello, viola, 1996

Serenade, guitar, violin, double bass, piano, percussion, 1997

Piano Trio, violin, cello, piano, 1998

Furthur, viola, piano, 1999

American Pumpkin, clarinet, violin, piano, 2000

Platypus Feet, French horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, 2000

Simply the Cats Pajamas, amplified cello, amplified piano, 2001

Snap, Crackle, flute, cello, piano, 2001

The Philostopher Speaks, flute, clarinet, French horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano, 2001

Rock Star, clarinet, 2001

Zymurgy, electric guitar (with sampler pedal), 2001

Diabolus in Musica, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 2002

Post, clarinet, piano, percussion, 2002

Dos Leches para el Hombre, 2 electric guitars, 2002

We the People, piano, percussion, 2002

Macabre, 3 percussion, 2003

SYmbiotic, French horn, percussion, 2003

The Haunted Palace (text by Edgar Allan Poe), speaker ad libitum, guitar, 2003


Three Songs from James Joyce's 'Chamber Music' (text by James Joyce), soprano, piano, 1996

The Mental Traveller (text by William Blake), tenor, oboe, harp, cello, percussion, 1999

The Spirits of the Dead – A Gothic Monodrama (text by Edgar Allan Poe), baritone, piano, 2000

When old corruption first begun (text by William Blake), amplified high voice, piano, live electronics, 2002


Three Images, 1997

The Sixth Toe, 2002