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Serghi, Sophia (b. 1972, Nicosia). Cypriot composer, now resident in the USA, of stage, orchestral, chamber, and vocal works that have been performed in Europe and the USA.

Ms. Serghi studied with Vincent McDermott at Lewis and Clark College in Oregon from 1990-94, where she earned her BA cum laude, and then with George Edwards, Jonathan D. Kramer and Fred Lerdahl at Columbia University from 1994-98, where she earned her MA and DMA. She also attended the Aspen Music Festival in 1992-93, where she studied with George Tsontakis, and the Oregon Bach Festival in 1995-96, where she studied with John Harbison, Robert Kyr and Judith Weir. In addition, she studied with Betsy Jolas at the Académie Américaine in Fontainebleau in 1997 and has attended masterclasses with William Albright, Louis Andriessen, Theodore Antoniou, Jacob Druckman, Lou Harrison, Frederic Rzewski, and Joan Tower.

Among her honors are the Fulbright and Presidential scholars (1990-94) and the Cheney (1992-93) and Rena Ratte (1994) awards at Lewis and Clark College and the Mellon Fellowship (1994-98) and the Edna and Boris Rapoport Prize (1995) at Columbia University. Other honors include First prizes in the Cyprus State Orchestra (1997, for Kavo Greko), the Athens Concert Hall Greek Composers (1998, for Sizzle) and the Whittaker (1999, for Panegyric) competitions. Most recently, she served as artist-in-residence at the Cité International des Arts in Paris (2000, on a Virginia Atelier Award) and received the Salvatore Martirano Composition Award from the University of Illinois (2000, for Sizzle) and Third Prize in the Center for Mediterranean Music Composition Award (2002, for Flying Flowers).

She served as the pianist of the multimedia ensemble Ultra-Violet in New York City from 1996-98 and as director of the HY-PER Art Ensemble at the College of William and Mary from 1998-2000. She has served as the artistic director and pianist of the SCHIZO5 Ensemble in Cyprus since 2000.

She was an assistant professor at the College of William and Mary in Virginia from 1998-2000, where she has held the same post since 2002. She taught as a visiting professor at Ionian University in Corfu, the University of Athens and the University of Macedonia in Thessaloníki from 2000-02.


E-mail address: sxserg@wm.edu

Street address: Ms. Sophia Serghi, 230 Rolfe Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23185, USA

Telephone: 757 258 0792

Telephone (university): 757 221 1076

Cellular phone: 757 286 4987


STAGE: The Caucasian Chalk Circle (incidental music, play by Bertolt Brecht), mixed chorus, violin, piano, CD, 1994; Lark (incidental music, play by Jean Anouilh), mixed chorus, tape, 2001; Alavrostisiotis (incidental music, play by Pavlos Liasides), female voice, male voice, 2 clarinets, 2002; Axortagos Vassilias (incidental music, play by Athena Drakopoulou), soprano, bass, electric cello, percussion, CD, 2002

ORCHESTRAL: Sirtos, oboe/clarinet, small orchestra, 1994; Kavo Greko, small orchestra, 1996; X-Games (concerto), piano, orchestra, 1998; Panegyric, small orchestra, 1999; Hommage à P-Funk, symphonic band, 2000; Palmos (concerto), bassoon, piano, orchestra, 2001

CHAMBER MUSIC: Étude, guitar, 1994; Pink Flamingos, flute, clarinet, snare drum, 1995; K.I.S.S., 4 saxophones, 1995; Jet-Skis, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 1996; Blade-Runner, flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone (+ alto saxophone), violin, cello, piano, 2 percussion, 1997; Remembrance of Things Past, string quartet, 1997; Sizzle, flute, soprano saxophone, violin, cello, piano, 2 percussion, 1997; Nocturne: L'amour dans la vie est rouge, tenor saxophone, piano, 1998; Sax and Violince, tenor saxophone, violin, 1999; Unrequited Love, viola/cello, CD, 2001; Flying Flowers, clarinet, cello, piano, vibraphone, 2002; Indecent Proposal, violin, CD, 2003

CHORAL: Saette Amore (text by Petrarch), mixed chorus, 1994; Veggio, Penso, Ardo, Piango (text by Petrarch), mixed chorus, 1994; Ikon (vocalise), mixed chorus, flute, clarinet, glockenspiel, 2000

VOCAL: Cantus Integritatis (text by the composer), mezzo-soprano, string orchestra, 1993; Sappho's Choice (text by Sappho), soprano, violin, piano, 1994; Mystic-Odes (text by Jalal al-Din ar-Rumi), soprano, piano, 1997; Panic (text by George Vizyinos), boy soprano, synthesizer, 3 percussion, string orchestra, 1999; Ariadne I (text by the composer), soprano, viola, piano, 2003

PIANO: Mosaic, 1993

MULTIMEDIA: The Noahs (opera, libretto by Thomas Lindt), soprano, baritone, CD, 2002; Sonic Sails (opera, libretto by the composer), soprano, baritone, 2 pianos (both + synthesizer), 2 percussion, CD, 2003

FILM SCORES (DIRECTOR): Jackson Sundown, 1995 (Wildbill Productions); Memory, 2003 (Vassilis Mazomenos)


Unrequited Love. Andreas Georgotas, viola (Turangalîla: LSO4, 2002)

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