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Silvestrov, Valentin (b. September 30, 1937, Kyiv). Esteemed Ukrainian composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works that have been performed throughout the world.

Mr. Silvestrov began private music studies at age fifteen and studied at the Stetsenko Evening Music School for Adults in Kyiv from 1953–55, where he graduated with a Gold Medal. He studied at the Institute of Construction Engineering in Kyiv from 1955–58 before choosing a career in music. He studied composition with Borys Lyatoshynsky and counterpoint and harmony with Levko Revutsky at the National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv from 1958–64.

His honors include the International Koussevitzky Prize in Washington, DC (1967), First Prize in the Gaudeamus competition (1970) and the Shevchenko State Prize from the government of Ukraine (1995).

He taught music theory at various children's schools in Ukraine from 1964–72.

Muzychna Ukraina publishes his music, which is distributed by the Beliaeff Foundation/Edition Peters.


Street address: Mr. Valentin Silvestrov, c/o Edition Peters, 10–12 Baches St., London N1 6DN, UK


ORCHESTRAL: Symphony No. 1, 1963, revised 1974; Classical Overture, 1964; Spectra, small orchestra, 1965; Monodia, piano, orchestra, 1965; Symphony No. 2, flute, piano, timpani, string orchestra, 1965; Symphony No. 3, 'Eschatophony', 1966; Hymne, 5 ensembles, 1967; Poem in Memory of Borys Lyatoshynsky, 1968; Meditation (symphony), cello, small orchestra, 1972; Symphony No. 4, orchestra (brass, strings), 1976; Serenade, string orchestra, 1978; Symphony No. 5, 1980–82; Intermezzo, small orchestra, 1983; Postludium (symphonic poem), piano, orchestra, 1984; Exegi monumentum (symphony, text by Aleksandr Pushkin), baritone, orchestra, 1985–87; Widmung (symphony-concerto), violin, orchestra, 1990–91; Metamusik (symphony), piano, orchestra, 1992; Symphony No. 6, 1994–95; The Messenger, synthesizer (+ piano), string orchestra, 1996–97; Epitaph, piano, string orchestra, 1999; Autumn Serenade, small orchestra, 2000; Hymn 2001, string orchestra, 2001; Walzer, 2002; Symphony No. 7, 2003

CHAMBER MUSIC: Quintet, piano, string quartet, 1961; Quartetto piccolo, string quartet, 1961; Trio, flute, trumpet, celesta, 1962; Mysterium, alto flute, 6 percussion, 1964; Projections, harpsichord, vibraphone, tubular bells, 1965; Drama, violin, cello, piano, 1970–71, revised 2002; String Quartet No. 1, 1974; Postludium, violin, 1981; Postludium, cello, piano, 1982; Sonata, cello, piano, 1983; String Quartet No. 2, 1988; Post Scriptum (sonata), violin, piano, 1990–91; Misterioso, clarinet, piano, 1996; OrfeoEternal Melody, synthesizer, 1997–98; Elegy, cello (+ 2 tam-tams), 1999; Epitaph (L.B.), viola/cello, piano, 1999; Lacrimosa, viola, 2003; 28 July 1750...in Memory of J.S.B., cello, 2004; 8 June 1810...to the Birthday of R.Sch., 2 celli, 2004

CHORAL: Cantata (text by Taras Shevchenko), mixed chorus, 1977; Diptych (texts from the Pater noster, Taras Shevchenko), mixed chorus, 1995; Elegy (text by Taras Shevchenko), mixed chorus, 1996; Requiem for Larissa (texts from the Mass, Taras Shevchenko), mixed chorus, orchestra, 1997–99

VOCAL: Two Romances (text by Aleksandr Blok), middle voice, piano, 1960; Cantata (texts by Fyodor Tyutchev, Aleksandr Blok), soprano, small orchestra, 1973; Silent Songs (song-cycle, texts by Aleksandr Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, John Keats, Sergey Yesenin, Taras Shevchenko, Fyodor Tyutchev, Osip Mandelstam), baritone, piano, 1974–77; Ancient Ballad, voice, piano, 1977; Forest Music (text by Gennady Aygi), soprano, French horn, piano, 1977–78; Simple Songs (song-cycle, texts by Osip Mandelstam, Aleksandr Pushkin, anonymous), middle voice, piano, 1974–81; Postludium D-S-C-H, soprano, violin, cello, piano, 1981; StupeniSteps, soprano, piano, 1982, revised 1998; Four Songs (text by Osip Mandelstam), baritone, piano, 1982; Ode to the Nightingale (cantata, text by John Keats), soprano, small orchestra, 1983; The River of Times (text by Gavriil Derzhavin), middle voice, piano, 1999; Morning Song, soprano, piano, 2000; The Final Tune of a Wayfarer (text by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz), soprano, piano, 2002; Three Songs to Poems by Gennady Aygi, soprano, piano, 2003; Diptych (text by Fyodor Tyutchev), soprano, piano, 2004; Lullaby for EmilyThe Cat and the Pianist (text by the composer), soprano, piano, 2004; Moments of Poetry and Music (text by Paul Celan), soprano, piano

PIANO: Naïve Music, 1954, revised 1993; Musica lontana, 1956, revised 1993; Intermezzo, 1956, revised 2000; Nocturne, 1957, revised 2000; Bagatelles, 1958, revised 2000; Sonatina, 1960, revised 1965; Five Pieces, 1961; Triada (13 pieces), 1961–62; Classical Sonata, 1963; Elegy, 1967; Sonata No. 1, 1972; Music in Olden Style, 1973; Music for Children, Books 12, 1973; Sonata No. 2, 1975; Kitsch-Musik (5 pieces), 1977; Sonata No. 3, 1979; Der Bote, 1996–97; Ustnaya Muzyka 1Verbal Music 1, 1998; Ustnaya Muzyka 2, 1999; Hymn 2001, 2001; Two Dialogues with Postface, 2001–02; 3 February 1857...in Memory of M.I.G., 2004


String Quartet No. 1. Lysenko String Quartet (Melodiya: S 10-17117/18) (LP)

Symphony No. 5. Roman Kofman/Orchestra of the National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv (Melodiya: S 10-27029) (LP)

Symphony No. 2 (excerpt). (Arts & Electronics, 1988)

Symphony No. 5; Stupeni; Elegy. Alexei Lubimov, piano; Arvo Volmer/Estonian State Symphony Orchestra (Col Legno: AU 31840, 1990)

Quartetto piccolo; String Quartet Nos. 12; Postludium (violin). Lysenko String Quartet (Etcetera: KTC 1151, 1993)

Postludium. Elissa Stutz, piano; Virko Baley/USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra (Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga: MK 417116, 1993)

Sonata Nos. 13; Sonata (cello, piano). Ivan Monighetti, cello; Alexei Lubimov, piano (Erato: 2292-45631-2, 1994)

Monodia; Symphony No. 4; Postludium. Ivan Sokolov, piano; Andrey Boreyko/Ural Philharmonic Orchestra (Space/Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin: 315 222, 1994 [also reissued as Megadisc Classics: MDC 7837, 1998])

Symphony No. 5; Exegi monumentum. Sergey Yakovenko, baritone; Andrey Boreyko/Ural Philharmonic Orchestra (Space/Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin: 315 223, 1994 [also reissued as Megadisc Classics: MDC 7836, 1998])

Symphony No. 2; Meditation; Serenade. Oleg Hudiyakov, flute; Alexander Rudin, cello; Ivan Sokolov, piano; Konstantin Smirnov, timpani; Nikolai Alexeyev, Alexander Rudin/Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra (Olympia: OCD 477, 1995)

Five Pieces. Tatyana Ryabchikova, piano (Sonora Productions: S022571, 1995)

Symphony No. 5; Postludium. Alexei Lubimov, piano; David Robertson/Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (Sony Classical: SK 66825, 1996)

Widmung; Post Scriptum. Gidon Kremer, violin; Vadim Sacharov, piano; Roman Kofman/Münchner Philharmoniker (Teldec: 99206, 1996)

Symphony No. 5; String Quartet No. 1; Kitsch-Musik (2 excerpts). Irina Plotnikova, piano; Lysenko String Quartet; Roman Kofman/Orchestra of the National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv (BMG/Melodiya: 74321-49959-2, 1997)

Elegy. Ingrid Karlen, piano (ECM New Series: 1606, 1997)

Cantata (1973); Ode to the Nightingale; Cantata (1977); Diptych (1995). Lidia Stovbun, soprano; Yevhen Savchuk/Dumka; Virko Baley/Kyiv Camerata (Megadisc Classics: MDC 7842, 1997)

Silent Songs. Alexei Martinov, baritone; Alexei Lubimov, piano (Megadisc Classics: MDC 7840–41, 1998)

Stupeni; Ustnaya Muzyka 12. Jana Ivanilova, soprano; Alexei Lubimov, Valentin Silvestrov, pianos (Megadisc Classics: MDC 7832, 1999)

The Messenger. Gidon Kremer, violin; Gidon Kremer/Kremerata Baltica (Nonesuch: 79633, 2001)

Elegy; Der Bote. Alexei Lubimov, piano (ECM New Series: 1771, 2001)

Sonata (cello, piano); String Quartet No. 1; Postludium D-S-C-H; Postludium (violin; cello, piano); Hymn 2001 (piano). Maacha Deubner, soprano; Simon Fordham, violin; Anja Lechner, cello; Silke Avenhaus, Valentin Silvestrov, pianos; Rosamunde Quartett (ECM New Series: 1776, 2002)

Requiem for Larissa. Yevhen Savchuk/Dumka; Volodymyr Sirenko/National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (ECM New Series: 1778, 2002)

Metamusik; Postludium. Alexei Lubimov, piano; Dennis Russell Davies/Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien (ECM New Series: 1790, 2003)

Silent Songs; Four Songs. Sergey Yakovenko, baritone; Ilya Scheps, Valentin Silvestrov, pianos (ECM New Series: 1898/99, 2004)

Sonata No. 2. Alexei Lubimov, piano (Solyd Records: SLR 0361, 2004)

Post Scriptum; Misterioso. Kyrill Rybakov, clarinet; Alexander Trostyansky, violin; Alexei Lubimov, piano (ECM New Series: 1959, 2006)

Two Dialogues with Postface; Moments of Poetry and Music; Three Songs to Poems by Gennady Aygi; Lacrimosa; Epitaph; Post Scriptum; Sonata No. 2; 28 July 1750...in Memory of J.S.B., cello, 2004; 8 June 1810...to the Birthday of R.Sch.; Diptych (2004); 3 February 1857...in Memory of M.I.G.; The Final Tune of a Wayfarer; Lullaby for EmilyThe Cat and the Pianist. Svetlana Savenko, soprano; Alexander Trostyansky, violin; Ilya Gofman, viola; Aleksandr Grashenkov, Alexander Rudin, celli; Alexei Lubimov, Yury Polubelov, pianos (Solyd Records: SLR 0370/71, 2006)

Symphony No. 6. Andrey Boreyko/SWR Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart (ECM New Series: 1935, 2007)

Der Bote. Alexei Lubimov, piano; Christoph Poppen/Münchener Kammerorchester (ECM New Series, 2007)

Nostalghia; Two Pieces; Two Dialogues with an Epilogue; Three Postludes; Three Pieces; Two Pieces; Three Waltzes; Sonata No. 1; Der Bote. Jenny Lin, piano (hänssler CLASSIC: CD 98.229, 2007)

Post Scriptum; Epitaph (L.B.); Drama. Cornelius Dufallo, violin; Yves Dharamraj, cello; Jenny Lin, piano (Koch International Classics: 7740, 2007)

Symphony No. 6. Roman Kofman/Beethoven Orchester Bonn (Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm: MDG 337 1478, 2007)

Symphony Nos. 4; 5. Jukka-Pekka Saraste/Lahti Symphony Orchestra (BIS Records: BIS-CD-1703, 2010)

Naïve Music (suite). Mykola Suk, piano (Cambria: 1401)

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