Pete Stollery

(b. 24 July 1960, Halifax, West Yorkshire).

British composer of mostly electroacoustic works that have been performed in the Americas and Europe.

Mr. Stollery studied composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham, where he received his BMus with honours, PGCE, MA, and PhD from 1979–96.

Among his honours are Special Prize in the competition Musica Nova in Prague (1994, for Shortstuff), an honourable mention in the Stockholm Electronic Arts Award (1996), an honourable mention in the competition Pierre Schaeffer (1998, both for Onset/Offset), and Second Prize in the competition São Paulo (1997, for Altered Images). His music has been featured at numerous festivals, including once at the ISCM World Music Days (1995, Germany).

He is also active in other positions. He served as chair of the Sonic Arts Network from 1985–2003 and as editor of its annual Journal of Electroacoustic Music. In addition, he co-founded with Simon Atkinson, Robert Dow and Alistair MacDonald the group of sound artists invisiblEARts in Scotland in 1996, which performs electronic music in the UK.

He is Lecturer in Music at the University of Aberdeen, where he also serves as director of the Electroacoustic Music Studio.


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Sunnifa (dance music, choreography by Andy Howitt), fixed media, sculpture (by Anne Bevan), 1998

DE (dance music, choreography by Andy Howitt), fixed media, 2000


Hatsyiatsya, drum kit, fixed media, 1984

Faible, electric harp, live electronics, 1987

Autogeny, violin, 1993

Squirt, amplified alto saxophone, fixed media, 1994

Thickness, flute, viola, fixed media, 2000


Myth, 4 amplified mixed voices, live electronics, 1986


Jura V, fixed media, 1983

Coup de Fille, fixed media, 1984

Cloches, fixed media, 1987

Shortstuff, fixed media, 1993

Shioum, fixed media, 1994

Altered Images, fixed media, 1995

Onset/Offset, fixed media, 1996

Peel, fixed media, 1997

Fast-Tech, fixed media, 1997

ABZ/A, fixed media, 1998 (section of ...silhouettes/resonances..., a collaboration with Robert Dow, Alistair MacDonald, Gregg Wagstaff; may be performed separately)

Undercovered (sound installation, music for exhibition by Anne Bevan), 2000

Level (sound installation, music for exhibition by Anne Bevan), 2001

Norwich Millennium Library (sound installation, music for galleries), 2001 (collaboration with Peter Key)

Vox Magna, fixed media, 2003

Banchory Faces (music for a photography exhibition), fixed media, 2003


Shioum. (Acousmatica: CD1296, 1996)

Onset/Offset. (Acousmatica: CD1298, 1998)

Altered Images. (PanAroma: CD199.003.658, 1998)

Onset/Offset. (Electroshock Records: ELCD 010, 1999)

Peel. (Electroshock Records: ELCD 020, 2000)

Shortstuff; ABZ/A. (MPS: MPSCD 013, 2000)

Onset/Offset. (Accidental Records: ac07 cd, 2003)

Squirt. Griffin Campbell, amplified alto saxophone (Electronic Music Foundation: EMF 131, 2003)

Altered Images; Onset/Offset. (Sargasso Records: SCD28046, 2003)