Stéphane Vande Ginste

(b. 1971, Kisangani).

Belgian composer, born in the Congo (Kinshasa), of mostly chamber, vocal and piano works that have been performed in Europe.

Mr. Vande Ginste studied composition with André Laporte at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels, where he also studied chamber music with Arie Van Lysebeth, counterpoint with Rafaël D'Haene, harmony with Jan D'Haene, and piano with Jan Michiels.

Among his honours are three prizes in the Wedstrijd voor jonge Componisten (1990–92), a prize in the competition for chamber music of the Muizelhuisconcerten (1994), the DMP-Prijs (1995), the Cantabile-Prijs (1996), and the Walter-Heynen-Prijs (2005, for Et vous verrez comme tout change...).

He is also active in other positions. As a pianist, he has primarily performed contemporary music. He served as composer-in-residence to the ensemble Emanon from 2000–06.





The Song of Hiawatha (musical, texts by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Guido Gezelle), 1998–99 (a concert suite was arranged)

Vera en de lachdieven, children's chorus, orchestra, 2000

De Moddersmijters (text by Stefan Boonen), 2 male actors, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, bass trombone, double bass (all + percussion), 2000

MAN (text by Geert De Kockere), male actor, flute, clarinet, bassoon, double bass, 2004


Concertino (pianist must be young), piano, orchestra, 1998

Kleine Dans (cellists must be young), 2 cellos, orchestra, 1998

The Song of Hiawatha, youth orchestra, 1999 (suite from musical)

Variations on 'Raindrops falling on my head', clarinet, jazz ensemble, string orchestra, 2001

Heksenfee (text by Brigitte Minne), speaker, flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, percussion, string orchestra, 2003

Voorjaars-suite, youth orchestra, 2005


Human Zoo, 3 trombones, 2 pianos, 1990

12 Fragments, 2 flutes, 1990

Threnos, piano, percussion, 1992–93

Notturno, percussion, 1993

Five Short Pieces, clarinet, 1994

Three Short Pieces, percussion, 1995

Three Pieces, double bass, 1995

On the Road, guitar, 1995 (also version for piano)

A little Tango, violin, piano, 1995

Orphée ou Le Petit Bestiaire, French horn, piano, 1995

Variations on 'Bluesette', flute, alto saxophone, piano, 1996

Little Suite, harp, 1998

Suite, flute, clarinet, guitar, viola, 2001

Epitaffio (in memoriam Johan Smits), alto flute (+ piccolo, flute, bass flute), piano, 2002 (also version for bass clarinet, 2005)

Rommelen, rommelen in de pot, bass clarinet (+ clarinet), percussion, 2002

Roof of the WorldA Song for Tibet, ensemble of clarinets, 2003

Suite, flute (+ alto flute), viola, double bass, 2003

Drie Dansen, flute, piano, 2005

Zweinstein Express, clarinet, piano, 2005

Et vous verrez comme tout change... (variations on a theme of Walter Heynen), flute, guitar, viola, 2005


Kleine Nachtmuziek voor volwassenen, mixed chorus, 2004

Huiselijke Aubade (text by Leonard Nolens), mixed chorus, 2005


Trois Petites Chansons sur textes d'Apollinaire (text by Guillaume Apollinaire), soprano, piano, 1997

Diverse verzen (text by Paul van Ostaijen), soprano, violin, 1997

Toen de donder sprak (text by T. S. Eliot), 2 voices, ensemble, 1997

3 Impressions, voice, flute, clarinet, 1998

Als de luiken geloken zijn... (text by Hendrik Leopold), soprano, piano, 2004

Verjaardagen (text by Toon Tellegen), speaker, ensemble, 2005


Trois Préludes, 1988–90

Three Miniatures, 1991

Three Easy Pieces for Children, 1994

Ide-Fix, 1994

Six Variations on a Tango Theme, 1995

On the Road, 1997 (version of work for guitar)

Sonatine, 2001

Rock'romatique, 2002

Het Circus komt!, 2004

Five Short Variations on 'Scarborough Fair', 2005


Heksenfee, 2001 (animation)